5 Tips To Help Maintain Blankets

5 Tips To Help Maintain Blankets

The monsoon season is upon us, and as we take out our blankets and dohar to beat the cool winds that follow the rains, it becomes important that we maintain them well. Since the weather brings dampness and smells, you need to have a thorough care routine for your blankets and dohars. Whether you are looking at caring for your existing blankets and dohars, including single dohars, or new ones that you plan to buy blankets online, here are some simple and effective blanket maintenance tips on how to clean blankets at home -  

Tip 1: Store them upright  

If you hate the amount of struggle that goes into getting our blankets and dohars from underneath a huge pile, you are not alone. However, storing them in a pile results in wear and tear since you struggle to get them out by applying lot of pressure. Instead, consider storing them by folding them as round cylindrical shaped little things and placing them upright next to each other in your bed’s storage. This way, you can easily spot each item without upsetting a pile. It doesn’t just save you precious time and energy but ups the aesthetic quotient of your storage and increases your blankets’ and dohars’ life by reducing wear and tear.  

Tip 2: Show them laundry love  

While it can be difficult to wash blankets frequently, most dohars can be put to wash in your washing machine or washed by hand. Make sure you use cold or room-temperature water and a mild detergent. If you are washing a blanket, follow the instructions and consider using a comforter for woollen blankets instead of standard detergent. This will go a long way in ensuring your blanket retains its softness and does not pile after a wash. In either case, avoid harsh tumble drying or wringing your bed linens. If drying on a line, dry in partial shade to avoid fading.  

Tip 3: Consider water-free cleaning  

Instead of waiting for weeks and months to wash your blankets and dohars, consider dusting them daily or weekly, followed by instant stain cleaning. Instead of putting the entire blanket to wash, dampen the stained area and pre-treat it with some liquid detergent. After a few minutes, use a cloth or blotting paper to clear the residue on the surface instead of washing it generously with water. This will ensure your blankets and dohars, including those you might have purchased online, remain in mint condition at all times. This tip can be convenient for kids’ dohars and blankets since they often spill things.  

Tip 4: Handle them gently  

This may sound obvious but often, in your morning rush, we forget to be gentle while folding them away after a long night’s sleep. Dusting them away, folding them, and laying them out on the bed rather than tucking them away in storage in a haphazard manner can prolong the life of your blankets and dohars more significantly than you would imagine.  

Tip 5: Invest in intelligent features  

This is a tip that you need to consider right at the time of purchasing dohars and blankets online. Instead of buying blankets and dohars made of traditional fabrics, you can opt for those made from innovative materials such as Hygro Cotton by SPACES. This innovative fabric ensures your bed linen gets softer and blooms after every wash.  

Tip 6: Water Temperature  

Prior to washing your blanket, check for any necessary repairs or binding replacements and address any stains or spots. It's essential to use cold water for the wash and ensure the detergent is suitable for cold water use. This approach will help maintain the quality of your single blankets as well as double blankets 

Tip 7: Drying Blankets  

When drying blankets, avoid using a high-temperature dryer. Instead, opt for a medium heat setting or utilize the permanent press cycle, and include softener sheets or liquid softener. Tumble dry the blankets at a low heat setting to prevent overexposure to high temperatures.  

Washing Tips for Blanket Care & Maintainance  

Here are some essential tips on how to clean your blankets at home. Many blankets are suitable for machine washing, even woollen ones.   

  • Ensure your blanket fits comfortably in the machine for a thorough clean.   
  • Use a gentle cycle and mild detergent at 40°C, following the manufacturer's recommendations.   
  • Be cautious with detergent; too much leaves a residue, while too little won't clean effectively.   
  • Avoid overcrowding the machine; blankets need room to move for proper cleaning. Prevent uneven wear by flipping and rotating them during washing.   
  • To extend their lifespan, consider air drying. When using a dryer, enhance fluffiness by adding dryer or clean tennis balls.   

Proper maintenance ensures your blankets remain cosy and long-lasting, making each snuggly moment all the more enjoyable.  

PRO Tips - How to Clean Blankets at Home  

  • Check Care Labels: When it comes to home blanket maintenance, start by consulting the care label – your essential guide for keeping your blankets in pristine condition.  
  • Spot Cleaning Techniques: Wondering how to clean blankets at home effectively? Begin by practising spot cleaning for minor stains as a part of your maintenance routine.  
  • Gentle Detergents: Preserve your blankets by using mild, blanket-friendly detergents. This ensures that delicate fabrics remain intact and vibrant colours don't fade during cleaning.  
  • Thorough Drying Practices: Prevent issues like mould and mildew by ensuring your blankets are entirely dry before storing or using them.  

Proper Folding and Storage: For optimal blanket maintenance, learn how to fold and store your blankets correctly. Avoid cramming them into storage spaces, as this can help maintain their shape and texture.  

Buy Blankets Online for Lasting Comfort

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Overall, the above blanket maintenance tips on how to wash blankets and maintain their quality are key to ensuring that your beloved blankets remain in excellent condition for years to come.   

At the end of the day, caring for your blankets doesn’t require a magic wand. It is about doing several little things consistently to prolong the life of your blankets and ensure they keep feeling like a new purchase even months later.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I care for and maintain my blankets?  

To maintain your blankets, follow these blanket maintenance tips, including washing instructions, handling them gently, and investing in innovative blankets online like single and double blankets, for long-lasting comfort.  

  • Should blankets be washed?  

Yes, you can wash blankets, and for proper blanket maintenance, it's recommended to follow the care label instructions, use gentle detergents, and ensure thorough drying practices.  

  • How often do I need to wash my blanket?  

The frequency of washing your blankets depends on usage and preference. Regularly following the blanket maintenance tips, including dusting and spot cleaning, can help extend the time between washes and keep your blankets clean.  

  • How do you keep blankets clean?  

To keep blankets clean, follow these blanket maintenance tips: storing them upright, using gentle detergents for washing, considering water-free cleaning for stains, and handling them gently when folding. You can also invest in innovative blankets online, like single and double blankets, which are easy to maintain.  

  • How do you refresh a blanket?  

To refresh a blanket, you can consider water-free cleaning for stains daily or weekly. Dampen the stained area, pre-treat with liquid detergent, and clear the residue with a cloth or blotting paper, ensuring your blankets remain in mint condition. This is especially useful for kids' blankets that may frequently encounter spills.  

  • How do you take care of a heavy blanket?  

Caring for a heavy blanket involves handling it gently, avoiding haphazard folding, and investing in blankets made from innovative fabrics for increased longevity. Ensure proper washing with cold water and suitable detergent, and when drying, use a medium heat setting or the permanent press cycle to prevent overexposure to high temperatures. 


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