7 Thoughtful Ways and Gifts to Make Father’s Day Truly Special in 2024

7 Thoughtful Ways and Gifts to Make Father’s Day Truly Special in 2024

It’s that time of the year when we get to tell one of our most loved person, and ironically, the who is most uncomfortable with explicit show of emotions, how much they mean to us.

He knows all your needs, he fulfils your every demand and it’s like he can read your mind. He stays up till you enter the door at 2 in the night and puts a blanket on as you doze off unaware. His care is silent and his love can’t be seen, only felt. By now you would have pictured it right. Yes, he is your dear old dad!

This makes it doubly difficult to select a Father’s Day gift and ways that will win the heart of your old man. Spaces presents makeover gift items which are thoughtful, aesthetic, high-on-functionality and yet, not flashy. Our fathers don’t ask for much. Maybe that’s why their wishes often go unnoticed.

And while Father’s Day is just another day in the calendar, wouldn’t it be nice if you went the extra mile and gave him something truly thoughtful? Something that goes beyond the shirt and tie (not that he would mind) and remains with him as a truly special gesture.

1. Dad Calling. Answer that!

Swipe up and answer that call. In fact, insist on a video call to show him how much you miss seeing him. No schedule can be too busy to spare a few moments that create happiness for your dad.

2. Cook up flavours that will make him smile

Try your hand at making his favourite meal from his favourite restaurant. No better way to win him over! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. A pinch of love will make all the difference to him.

3. Help your dad hit that refresh button

At times it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day for our busy fathers to get everything done. Well, it’s time he hit the refresh button! What better way to #HelpDadRelax than by getting him super comfy towels or a relaxing robe? To step up the level of comfort, add in a bedside rug so even when he wakes up, all he finds is soft, cosy comfort!

4. Make him tune-in to some nostalgia

Nothing spells a trip down memory lane than your favourite music. So why not compile a retro playlist that’s sure to take him back to the good old days and make him twist and hum along with the retro beats? 

5. A hug that brings out the warmth of love

Can you remember the last time you hugged your dad? Maybe you think that fathers and hugs don’t go together (those are reserved for moms!) but you would be surprised. Go on, express your love with the tightest embrace. And click that selfie while you are at it.

6. A matter of comfort

Forever now, your father has been rushing through his mornings and returning home to tired nights. Add some comfort to his daily routine with the right bath linens.  Be it premium bath towels or bath rugs and bath mats to keep spills out of his way, there are a host of bath linens that can make his everyday a little more comforting. In fact, depending on his requirements, you can even opt for hygro cotton towels, which will ensure his bath towels get softer and bloom after every wash, anti-viral towels, which come with a unique finish to ensure highly effective hygiene. You can also look into the SPACES bed linen collection, featuring hygro cotton bed sheets and comforters, or silk soy reversible quilts! These amazing products will ensure his sleep is filled with cosiness and comfort, so he wakes up energised and happy for the special day.

7. Keeping it indulgent

While putting together your luxury Father’s Day gift, you can even add some fragrant toiletries along with the bath and bed linens for a truly indulgent experience. You might want to add go with his favourite aftershave or get him to a try a completely new brand that you think he will appreciate. Either way, plan a mix of familiar items and new considerations if you father isn’t someone who loves too many experiments. To make this experience truly indulgent, find a new mattress online that suits his physical needs completely! You can take the mattress quiz on the SPACES website to find out the best one for him, and choose between the Regular Mattress, Luxury Mattress, or Yours’ n Mine range. We personally recommend the Orthopedic Luxury Mattress, which has an amazing combination of individual pocket springs with high-density foam to ensure consistent support when sleeping.

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