5 Simple Tips for a Better Sleep Schedule!

5 Simple Tips for a Better Sleep Schedule!

"Nothing in your home will impact your life more than having a beautiful bedroom to sleep in, with an aesthetic that will help you recharge." - Jonathan Scott, Home Design Expert

How quickly you fall asleep and how well you sleep is something that is affected by both internal and external factors. After all, the space you sleep in has to be one which allows for you to sleep not only comfortably, but also uninterrupted.

External factors are more related to your immediate surroundings, such as your bedroom. The way you create your space plays a very important role in the quality and quantity of your sleep. A few additions and some simple changes can greatly help improve your sleep schedule.

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1. Keep it Dark

Might seem like a basic step, but the darker your room, the better quality of sleep you’ll experience. Whether it is light streaming into the rooms from outside or even a simple, soft light in your home, it can be a cause for your disturbed sleep at night. Switch off those lights at night. For light pollution from windows, a thick set of curtains should help keep your room dark. An eye mask can also do the job.

2. Ignore The Gadgets

How often have you laid in bed, endlessly scrolling through your phone? Or binge watched a series on your laptop only to glance at the clock and see that you have just a few of hours left to get some sleep? Gadgets have become the biggest enemy of sleep. The harsh blue light emitted by the screens is said to make it harder to fall asleep as well as disrupt your normal sleep rhythms. Avoid your devices for an hour or more before you‘re going to bed. If you like to read before going to bed, we suggest picking up a book rather than reaching for a device to read on.

3. Make It Cool

Do you keep tossing and turning because you feel too hot while you sleep? Studies have shown that the optimal temperatures for good quality sleep range between 15C to 22C*. So either open a window or increase the speed of the fan to stay cool while you sleep. Aside from that, you could buy bed linen which doesn’t become too stuffy. HygroCotton Comforters from SPACES are able to adjust the temperature, ensuring that you remain in the most cosy and comfortable state all through the night.

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4. Use The Right Bedding

The mattress, bedsheets and pillows you use play a big role in your quality of sleep. After all, you wouldn’t be comfortable with a rough bedsheet, an unsupportive pillow or a stuffy comforter right? 100% cotton bed sheets are natural, breathable and will give you a good night’s sleep. SPACES offers a range of bed linen including bedsheets which are 100% organic cotton, those with anti-microbial & anti-viral properties and are available in a range of thread counts to suit your preferences. With a wide range of colours, patterns and designs, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly fits the ambiance of your bedroom.

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5. Manage Sounds

Ambient sounds such as the falling of rain or the soft rustling of leaves can help fill the space with relaxing sounds, acting as the perfect lullaby. There are many sources to create these sounds, from apps on your phone to dedicated devices designed with a collection of ambient noises. Alternatively, if you live in an area where there is constant noise, such as by a busy road or an airport, then you should invest in a pair of soft ear buds which you can wear while you sleep.

Your sleep is important and you should do everything you can to make sure that it’s good in both quantity and quality. With SPACES bed linen, you’ll be sure to sleep comfortably and cosily, whether you choose the HygroCotton comforter, Bamboo Charcoal Bed Sheets or ultra-soft quilts.

*Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/sleep/best-temperature-to-sleep[1] )

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