5 Reasons Why Cotton Is Still The King Of Bedding

5 Reasons Why Cotton Is Still The King Of Bedding

Sleep is the most important part of our day. That is why it’s important to surround yourself with bed products that offer absolute comfort, you can be well-rested every day. There’s a lot of variety in terms of products, styles, materials and more when you consider the bed linen industry in India today. Only paying attention to aesthetics and not to the fabric you’re buying is one of the reasons why many people get disappointed with their bed linens.

To help you get the finest rest, you should ideally opt for cotton fabrics because of the many properties it offers users. Some of the reason why this is a great material for bed linens include:

It’s A Breathable Fabric

One of the best things about using cotton bedsheets is its ability to keep your body from sweating profusely, even in the summers. Cotton is a highly breathable fabric that is available easily in India. Cotton bedsheets have good ventilation properties, which helps keep your body cooler and more sweat-free, making your sleep much more comfortable since you won’t be feeling icky or uncomfortable by unwanted moisture or odour. Get cotton bedsheets that match your needs from the SPACES website, where you can find amazing variety in the Atrium collection or the 100% Organic Cotton collection.

Soft To Touch

Cotton is a plant-based textile that creates an extremely soft end product. It is a loosely knit cloth that doesn’t need much processing to become soft and smooth. This makes it a great choice for those who have sensitive skin and find problems using synthetic fibers. Cotton bedsheets also have the advantage of providing a soft feel without the uncomfortable slippery texture you get when using cheaper synthetic sheets. You can get cotton products in a variety of styles like cotton towels, mats, bedsheets, comforters and more from the SPACES Atrium collection. To create a more comfortable arrangement in your home, you could also get bedside cotton mats from our Embraceable Area collections, that will make you feel like you’re walking on air!

Easier Maintenance

Synthetic bed linens are all the rage, but they require very specific methods of maintenance even though they are made from durable fabric, you will have to take specific efforts in washing, wringing, ironing etc to keep them well-maintained. On the other hand, cotton bed and bath products are much, much easier to care for. Regular detergent and washing works just fine for cotton bedsheets, cotton bath towels and more. And the best part is, the more you wash your cotton products, the softer they become! Get fitted cotton bedsheets from the SPACES Occasions Legacies 100% cotton for greater convenience.

Attractive Range And Variety

Cotton is one of the most popular choices for bed and bath linens across the globe. That is why you can find a dazzling variety of prints, colours, patterns and styles when you look for cotton bedsheets, cotton quilts, cotton bath towels and more. This helps you curate your home’s vibe since you can find everything you want to create your choice of home decor easily. Start revamping your decor by visiting the SPACES website and checking out collections like Atrium, Epica Anti Skid, Geostance 100% Cotton and more.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly

Cotton bed and bath products are made from materials you find in nature. This makes the fabric an organic plant-based product, making it better fit the planet. This is because cotton is a biodegradable ingredient, which will break down much quicker and more effectively than synthetic fibers.

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