5 Moods that Spell Monsoon #HelloHappyRains

5 Moods that Spell Monsoon #HelloHappyRains

It is beautiful how there exists a word in every language for capturing the different moods and emotions called ‘Rains’. Monsoon is a magical season that spells comfort and coziness. It’s about romance and endless conversations over cups of tea. It’s about extended naps and bringing out the inner child in you with an impromptu rain dance. All this and so much more captures our monsoon mood. Here are a few that you will surely relate with.

Rainy Romance

Time to shower your partner with some pampering! Cook their favourite meal, bond better with them, and sing along to some favourite rainy day tunes. 

Unleash your romantic side with those little gestures that mean the most.

Splash of Nostalgia

Reminisce the childhood days where the only monsoon worries were missing out the school bus and not on life. When lazy afternoons were spent making paper boats and playing with friends. 

Travel back in time to relive those special moments. Recreate a favourite monsoon memory.

Dance of Joy

You may not be a dancer but you can always try a rain dance! Go on and enjoy that splash of rain, worry-free. Spaces has you covered with its range of 100% cotton, Quick Dry towels and super absorbent Swift Dry towels.

By the time you show your moves, these super absorbent towels will be dry and ready for you.

Soak in Relaxation

Extended cuddle sessions or endlessly binge watching your favourites, it’s time to stay in bed while it drizzles outside. And Spaces has just the right range of breathable, anti-viral bed sheets to keep you healthy and snug. Explore our range of Bamboo Charcoal bed sheets that are anti-bacterial and keep the musty odour at bay.

Feeling cozy already, aren’t you?

The Silent Bliss

Imagine relaxing by your balcony as nature pours down around you. Your favourite book in hand and a piping hot cuppa. That’s what serenity feels like, isn’t it? 

Listen to the pitter patter of rain as it gives you company while you enjoy the beautiful moment.

Homebound Adventure

Who said being stuck at home has to be boring? Let the rains bring a shower of adventure in the daily humdrum. Try something new with your family like a cool board game, or cook up a storm with your partner or perhaps unleash the creative guru in you with some DIY. 

Try your hand at endless possibilities.

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