4 Tips to Get The Best Bathrobe

best bathrobe tips

Bath robes are one of the most underrated items of bath linen. When most of us buy items for the bathroom, we focus more on towels, face and hand flannels, even bath mats. Buying a robe comes as an afterthought, and most people still think of them as an item of luxury and not necessity.

However, they have high utility in the sense that they provide modest coverage before and after a shower, or when you get out of the shower but take a while to get dressed or have breakfast right after. You can answer the doorbell wearing the robe, or simply lounge about the house wearing one on your day off from work.

If you have never bought a robe for yourself or your family members, this article will help with some good pointers on how to buy the right one. We present 4 of the easiest tips on buying bath robes:

#1 Pick the right fabric.

Bath robes are available in several materials, from cotton to silk. The material you pick depends on the use you are going to put the robe to. Some people like to cursorily towel their bodies dry and slip into a bath robe that absorbs the excess moisture. If you are one of these people, you should pick a 100% cotton robe that offers high absorbency. Then there are others that like to wear the robe in between clothes changes, and they like to have a luxuriant material like silk or satin on their skin. That’s what we mean by picking a robe that suits the purpose or use it will be put to.

#2 Choose the right length.

Not everybody likes knee-length robes, which are the most commonly available sizes in the market. You might prefer a shorter length that skims the mid-thigh, or a longer one that touches your calves. Browse for different robe sizes across various brands before you pick the one that appeals the most. But when choosing the size, ensure that you check the size chart provided by the brand: most of them commonly list the length and other dimensions of the product and mention the model’s height so this gives you an idea of how the robe will look on you.

#3 Choose your favourite colour.

Every piece of clothing you wear is picked with care, considering the fabrics, designs and colours that you like. Colour is one of the most important considerations for you. Just like you pick out your office clothes and night shirts in colours that appeal to you, so should you pick the bath robe in a colour of your choice. It’s simple to do so, if you browse the collections of prominent brands that have a variety of colours on offer. Do note that if you use the robe in between clothing changes and like to feel warm and cosy in it, then a dark colour in a material like cotton or silk is a good option.

#4 Look for details that personalise the robe.

It’s not enough to simply pick a robe that looks great. Look for personalisation as much as you can. These include pockets, hoods, piping in a darker colour, even the chance to emboss your name on the robe.

When you buy the robe…

Make a note of the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash and maintain the robe. Most cotton robes are washed in cool water without bleach, and are air dried without direct exposure to sunlight to maintain fabric and colour integrity. Never dry clean the robe, when a simple wash in the washing machine will do.

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