4 Reasons Why You Should Get Dohars This Season

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Dohars This Season

When you walk into your bedroom, you want it to exude a welcoming ambience. You will want to sit or lay down on your bed and feel relaxed. For this to happen, you need to invest in the right kind of bedding. Bed linens include various items and one of them is a dohar. There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a dohar right away!

What is a Dohar?

A dohar is a type of bed linen that is thicker than the standard blanket. The main difference is that a dohar will have a layer of cotton sandwiched between two pieces of fabric. Also known as 'Razai' in Asian countries, these fashionable covers are available in a range of vivid colours and designs.

Reasons Why You Should Get Dohars

#1 Warm and Cosy

Imagine getting all cuddled up and cosy under a dohar and eventually drift to sleep. That warmth and protection is ideal for a good night’s sleep. Consider it like a hug from your favourite person that is bound to uplift your mood and spirit. What’s more, getting restful sleep every night with the dohar wrapped around you will help improve your mental and emotional health.

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#2 Great Gifting Option

Season of festivities is upon us and most of us have started listing down what we want as gifts or what we want to gift our friends and family. Ever considered gifting someone a dohar? Now that you think of it, it seems kind of perfect. Combine it with anti-viral bedsheets and anti-bacterial bedsheets, and you have the perfect gift hamper to give your loved ones. These will make for the perfect bed linens that everyone will love and appreciate.

#3 Cotton Dohars Are Perfect For All Weathers

A bedding that can be of great use in summers and winters? Seems kind of perfect, right? That’s another reason why you should get a dohar for your bedroom. When it comes to choosing the fabric for your dohar, go for a cotton one. They are soft, breathable and perfect for all weathers. If your dohar has a 100% cotton layer in the middle, it will help you cool and comfortable during summers and also warm and cosy during winters.

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#4 Great Addition to Bedroom Aesthetics

You can find dohars in an array of vibrant shades and all kinds of prints, from bold and bright to minimal and subtle. A dohar can refresh your bedroom's look and make a great addition to the aesthetics. You can also get dohars that are reversible. This means that there is a different print, pattern and colour palette on either side of the dohar so you can switch based on what you prefer at the moment. Mix and match different bedsheets, bedcovers, pillows and cushions to continue creating fresh, new looks for your bedroom.

It has become so much easier to browse through dohars online and choose from a wide variety of options. So, if you haven’t already got yourself a dohar yet, you must do so now!

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