4 reasons why you should buy organic bed sheets

4 reasons why you should buy organic bed sheets

Cotton is one of the most common crops grown all over the world. However, it is the most demanding - requiring millions of litres of water and chemicals. This drains a lot of resources and puts the planet as a risk. Thankfully, farmers have started to grow organic cotton which requires fewer resources and is grown naturally. By buying organic cotton bed sheets, you can do your bit to save the environment. Here are four reasons why you should buy organic bed sheets.

Perfect for sensitive skin

We spend around half our lives in bed. It is important that our bedding is actually healthy and not causing any harm. Organic cotton bed sheets are not crafted with synthetic chemicals. Organic cotton is grown sustainably on farms without using pesticides. So your organic bedding will not contain any harmful substances. Even the dyes used on organic bed sheets don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Organic cotton bed sheets are hypoallergenic, so they are a great option if you have sensitive skin or immune system.

Helps you reduce your carbon footprint

Regular cotton requires tons and tons of chemical pesticides to grow. These pesticides contain toxic chemicals whose exposure can lead to weak immune systems and more ailments. Cotton is used to craft different products and traces of these chemicals can cause lasting damage. Regular cotton requires the most amount of water to grow compared to other plants. Organic cotton farming requires less water than regular. Choosing organic bedding reduces your carbon footprint, and you can make a difference just by selecting a sheet! The cotton used to create Organic cotton bedsheets is grown with the help of natural pesticides, so they are safe for the environment.

Naturally comfortable

Because organic bed sheets haven’t touched harsh chemicals, they are naturally soft and feel really plush. Organic cotton is comfortable throughout the seasons as it is naturally breathable and is able to wick away moisture, so you can stay cool during the summers or nights. Since the bedsheets are chemical-free, organic cotton is naturally durable and have strong fibres.

High quality bedding

The way organic cotton bed sheets are crafted is the reason why they are of higher quality. Standard cotton farmers use a harvesting machine that mixes oil and seeds of the plant with cotton. Harmful chemicals remove other parts and are used to clean cotton. Meanwhile, organic cotton farmers handpick cotton which leads to cleaner and safer products. Hot water and vegetable-based soaps are used to clean organic cotton rather than chemicals.

Approved by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

This range has received accreditation from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It’s a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibre, backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain (raw material to finished product).

WelTrack Mark

With the WelTrack mark, your product becomes traceable all the way back to the farm where its cotton came from. Isn’t it simply great that you can trace your product and know about its origin and every other detail?

Eco friendly packing:

Extra care has been taken for the packaging of the product as well. The products are packaged in eco-friendly material thereby taking care of the environment

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