4 Reasons Why Dohars Ideal for Family Gifting

4 Reasons Why Dohars Ideal for Family Gifting

After a challenging first half of the year, we are all looking forward to spend some safe and quality time with friends and family as the 2021 festive season kicks in. With a host of festivals lined up one after the other, there are plenty of occasions that call not just for celebrating together, but also gifting surprises to let you loved ones know much you cherish them and their presence in your lives. With traditional gifts such as sweets taking a backseat in favour of gifts that are synonymous with good health, there are several reasons why dohars can make for the ideal gift to give your family and loved ones.

Wellness factor

There is an increasing focus on the link between a good night’s sleep, restorative health, and overall immunity and well-being. While various foods and lifestyle habits can contribute to the same, effective bed linens such as dohars remain crucial to a good night’s sleep. Hence, when you gift a SPACES’ dohar or a bedding set with dohar to a family member or a loved one, you are ensuring they take a step closer towards better health. Could there be a better gift in a post-pandemic world?

Aesthetic appeal

The link between feeling good and good health has been well established by psychologists and health experts. As we continue to spend a significant amount of time cocooned safely indoors, it is important to create an environment and mood that makes us feel happy. When it comes to the bedroom, the bed and bedding set remain a focal point of the room’s appeal; a cozy and colourful SPACES’ dohar can truly uplift the spirits after a tiring long day or make you want to day dream under the covers on a rather dull day.

Hygiene advantage

Another reason to opt for dohars when it comes to festive gifting in 2021 is due to the hygiene benefit they offer. Unlike traditional bed linen, dohars by SPACES can be gifting in a pair with anti-viral bedsheets and anti-bacterial bedsheets from SPACES. The latter come with a layer of fabric that is processed using innovative technology to ensure bacteria and viruses do not thrive in the bedding, ensuring a clean and hygienic bedtime experience for days on end.

A sense of warmth

A comfortable dohar not only ensures a good night’s sleep, but also offers a sense of warmth and protection, especially as a thoughtful gift. It can have a huge impact on your loved one’s emotional health, especially if you not always around to hug and comfort them.  When gifted, a dohar can almost recreate the comfort you offer as a family or friend, immediately rekindling their hope and spirits. In fact, a dohar received as a gift can even spark memories and joy of the cherished bond you share together, leading to release of happy hormones.

So if you are looking for some healthy, budget-friendly, yet thoughtful gifts to give your friends and family this festive season, look no further. Take your pick from a range of dohars by SPACES that are sure to enhance the festive mood and add to your celebrations with their quality assurance. In fact, you might also want to consider bedding sets with dohars for a truly memorable gift that will be remembered for years to come.

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