3 Ways to Do Up Your Bed for Holidaying at Home

3 Ways to Do Up Your Bed for Holidaying at Home

Staying indoors, coupled with work and health-related stress, can be challenging. While the thought of heading out of your city for a quick holiday can spark anxiety, it is important to log out from your routine and take a break. If done right, holidaying at home can be just what the doctor advised – a safe and soothing time away from screens and stress.
The bedroom and the bed have an important role to play in your home-based holiday. After all, you are going to hit snooze several times, consider breakfast in bed, and may be even indulge in board games with a loved one while still under your blankets.
And while you are free to come up with creative ways to transform your bed and bedroom into a holiday haven, we have rounded up three ways to help you get started.
Read on to discover everything you need to know about selecting the right bedsheet design and what to look out for when buying bed covers online.

The all-day bed 

If your idea of a holiday is reading all day or watching your favourite tear jerkers to escape present day concerns, an all-day bed is just the thing you need. You don’t need to purchase a traditional day bed for your living room. Instead, simply store away your blankets and comforters rather than laying them out on your regular bed. Next, compliment your night-time pillows with a bunch of oversized cushions. These will not just help you sit up comfortably, but also help create a more lounge-like ambience instead of a lazy bed. Do make sure that you invest in fresh bedsheets and bed covers to ensure things don’t feel routine on your home-bound holiday. While you are free to opt for bed linens basis your personal preference, we recommend bedsheet designs that are slightly striking when it comes to a day bed to keep things from getting into a slumber mode. 

The nook bed 

If you are a nature lover, or simply crazing some sunshine, you might want to spend most of your holiday relaxing in a comforting corner of your home. While it may not make practical sense to shift your regular bed into the space, we suggest a makeshift bed for some serious relaxation. Use a spare mattress and cover it up with a bedsheet and bedcover in refreshing design or simply lay out rugs and dhurries to create a brand-new bed space for the next few days. Spruce it up with a floor cushions and pillows to create a space where you can stretch all day without hurting a muscle. Make sure you get the music right for a truly tranquil time. If you do not have a floor lamp handy, simply opt for a bunch of candles.

The sanctuary bed 

If you are a purist, it is likely that you have disliked the whole work-life integration during the pandemic. You might especially be linking your idea of a holiday to screen-free time and not having to check emails in bed. In which case, you want your bed on a holiday to be the ultimate place for great, uninterrupted sleep. In this case, you want to do up your bed to resemble a luxury resort. Think mood lighting, designer bedsheet designs, satin bed covers, and memory foam pillows. Make you add a lavender oil diffuser by the bedside and perhaps a cup of chamomile tea. Wake up rejuvenated like you should on a truly good holiday.

So go ahead, take your pick from these options to do up your bed differently from a great holiday at home. If you are looking for inspiration, browse these SPACES bedsheet designs and bed covers online. Each of our bed linens come with premium quality assurance, super soft fabrics, and appealing designs for a truly rejuvenating time.

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