3 Popular Types of Bedsheets for Festive Gifting in 2021

3 Popular Types of Bedsheets for Festive Gifting in 2021

Festivities are in the air and as friends and family get ready to transform their homes into inviting, warm spaces to celebrate together, bedsheets make for ideal gifting for 2021. However, if you are looking for bed linen and bedsheets online for gifting, it can be a tad overwhelming to pick an option that the giftee will definitely appreciate. Whether you are planning to gift a double bedsheet, a single bedsheet, or a set with matching pillow and cushion covers, there are some recent trends you need to know before you go ahead and purchase that bedsheet gift online. We’ve sorted through these trends to come up with 3 popular types of bedsheets that most home owners prefer these days.

Fitted bedsheets

If you are looking to gift a bedsheet because it is high on utility, you couldn’t possibly consider a better type than fitted bedsheets. Fitted bedsheets are easy to use, save time, and are a breeze to maintain. In fact, here are some myth busters about fitted bedsheets you should check out to understand why your family and friends are sure to appreciate a fitted bedsheet for a gift.

Apart from these factors, it is also quite likely that your loved ones are using loose bedsheets and hence, a fitted bedsheet will make for a wonderful surprise too – the single most important quality in a good gift on a special occasion.

‘Bed In A Bag’ bedsheets

If you are contemplating gifting a loved one a premium single or  double bed sheet on a special occasion, it’s important to consider the rest of their bed linen. After all, a gorgeous bedsheet that doesn’t match the rest of the bed linens is likely to stick out as a sore thumb. More importantly, people are increasingly opting for ‘bed in a bag’ combos to ensure a matching set of bed linen that enhances their bedroom’s overall appeal.

Another good reason to consider a ‘bed in a bag’ instead of standalone bedsheets is that it transforms your gifting gesture into a premium affair. Of course, it doesn’t mean it will cost an arm and a leg. SPACES offers ‘bed in a bag’ combos across price ranges to match your festive gifting requirement.   

Floral bedsheets

A major décor trend this year has been bringing the outdoors, inside. As we continue to spend more time at home, designers and home owners are increasingly looking to add more greens, take inspiration from nature when it comes to motifs, and opt for colours that reflect nature’s abundance. The trend extends to bed linens, including bedsheets. Bedsheets with floral patterns as well as bedsheets in bright and pastel colours are big this season.

So if you are unsure about your friends’ and family’s preferences when it comes to patterns and colours, we recommend you gift them floral bedsheets; you will be giving them a gift that is in trend as well as one that will be a treat to sore eyes.

With these trends likely to continue well into 2022, you can be rest assured your gift will be cherished for a long time. If you are still looking for ideas, you might want to check out this quick guide on bed and bath linens to gift this festive season. Lastly, remember that all of the above bedsheet types are available in a range of fabrics that ensure a hygienic sleep experience – bamboo charcoal bedsheets, anti-viral bed sheets, and hygro cotton.

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