3 Bed and Bath Linen Buys That Make for Perfect Gifts

3 Bed and Bath Linen Buys That Make for Perfect Gifts

Planning the perfect gift for your loved ones during the festive season can be both, an exciting and challenging affair. After all, you want to opt for a gift that is unique, thoughtful, and yet high on utility and value. Most importantly, you want to pick up a gift that will make your loved one cherish the gift as well as your bond with each other.

This is where premium bath and bed linen products can come to the rescue. You can look at several different kind of bath and bed linen gifts depending on your loved ones’ needs and preference. To help you get started, we have put together a quick guide to help you with gifting this festive season.

For the busy individual

If you are looking for a gift that can impress family and friends who have an extremely demanding routine or are frequent travellers, we have the perfect gift for them. This bath product promises to reduce their chore time significantly. SPACES’ quick dry sheets and quick dry towels come with a unique technology that ensures they dry in little time despite high moisture absorption abilities. These make them ideal for people who have little time for laundry whether they are at home or on the go, especially on days that see less sun. We recommend your gift a set of his and her quick dry towels sheet from our extensive collection to make for a thoughtful gift.

For the luxury seeker

It can be a tad overwhelming to choose a gift that is unique yet comes with a reasonable price tag when it comes to gifting someone who appreciates all things luxurious in life. This is where a bamboo charcoal bedding set can serve as the perfect solution. SPACES offers a range of luxurious bamboo charcoal bedsheets and pillow covers along with matching sets. An ultra-soft feel for ultimate comfort is what distinguishes bamboo charcoal bedsheet gift sets apart from standard gifts. Further, the unique material and ingredients ensure the bedsheets stay fresher for longer, which means your loved ones can afford to delay on laundry chores. Finally, the range’s natural hypoallergenic benefits and anti-bacterial properties translate into a superior health and hygiene experience, which has become an important lifestyle aspect in today’s times.

For the Health-Conscious Individual

It can be equally daunting task to pick a gift for the health-conscious folks since you want to appeal to their lifestyle, yet ensure your gift does more than offer utility value. In such a case, gifting premium bath and bed sets can turn out to be a great idea. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, a lot about overall health and immunity is being linked back to restorative health and a relaxing bedtime ritual and sleep. Secondly, they now come with anti-viral bed sheets and anti-bacterial bed sheets properties to ensure a germ and microbes-free sleep experience for days on end. Go ahead, take your pick from SPACES’ range of premium anti-viral and anti-bacterial bath towels and bedsheets as well as bedding sets to surprise your loved ones.

Now that you have some ideas on how to select the right bed and bath linen gifts for your loved ones this festive season, log on to www.spaces.in and get started right away.

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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