2024 Design Trends To Consider While Buying A Rug

2024 Design Trends To Consider While Buying A Rug

Buying a rug is one of the best investments you can ever make. They transform a room, offer several health benefits, and provide protection. In fact, if you are wondering if you should buy a rug or bedside runner at all, read this quick blog to arrive at a decision. However, once you decide to buy a rug or doormat, you might want to refer to these 2021 design trends to ensure a chic purchase; after all, you don’t want your latest purchase to seem vanilla. Here are some key design trends that are sure to transform your rug buying approach and your room.

Keep it maximalist

Now here is a design trend that you will love if you like your rugs, doormats, and bedside runners to be bold and colourful.  The maximalist trend is all about opting for contrasts, ornate designs, and even mixing prints. However, the challenge here is making sure your trendy rugs and bedside runners matches the rest of your room. So, if you are not looking to do the rest of the room in a maximalist fashion, we’d say operate with some restraint when buying your maximalist rug or bedside runner. Stick to one bold move – colour, print, or contrast. This will ensure you make a bold, trendy statement without risking a disaster at hand.

Opt for a primary palette

This is a trend you possibly cannot go wrong with and is perfect if you have had muted interiors. Contrast your rug or bedside runner against an otherwise earthy-coloured room and match it with one other décor accessory in the room. Perhaps a purple painting or a red lamp if you are looking at jewel-toned rugs. The idea is to create a splash of primary colour and letting it stand out by neutralizing remaining décor. Simple, isn’t it? You can also take inspiration from the trend to invest in a bright-hued doormat and match it with a door to create a striking effect.

Go ‘yellow’

If a colour trend is what you are seeking inspiration from, you will be pleased to know that yellow is the colour of the year. As we continue to spend more time indoors and look to a brighter 2022, what better than yellow to symbolize zest, hope, and all things sunshine. We also think a yellow rug or bedside runner can serve as a centre point in a room and give your days the zing they deserve. You might even to place them strategically in a way that they further catch the first or last rays of sun, reflecting a dramatic morning light or twilight through the room.

SPACES offers a range of rugs, bedside runners, and doormats that go with these trends as well as your room’s size requirements. Remember, the best way to select the right floor décor accessory is to shortlist them basis your home’s overall look and practical usage.


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