10 Reasons Why You Should Get Bamboo Bed Linens This World Bamboo Day

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Bamboo Bed Linens This World Bamboo Day

Your bed is your haven for peace and relaxation. At the end of the day, it feels great to curl up inside cozy comforters and feel the stress melt away. We all want to get the finest things for our family, and we toil every day to ensure we deliver maximum satisfaction, good health, and comfort. In recent years, bamboo has emerged as an alternative to plastic that is renewable and can be replenished at a fast rate.

It is easier to cultivate, as bamboo plantations are quite self-sufficient, as the straws of bamboo don’t need any outside assistance to grow back. It also uses little to no pesticide, thereby causing less harm to the soil. Other than this, there are some great reasons to make the switch to this fabric, especially when choosing bed linens. Check them out!

#1 It’s A Temperature-Regulating Fabric

One of the best features of using bamboo fabric is its temperature-regulating property. There are micro-gaps in the cross-section of the bamboo fiber, which makes the fabric better equipped for moisture absorption and ventilation. It’s a great idea to use comforters or dohars in this fabric, as they will adjust to your body’s temperature needs, giving you a more comfortable sleep. You can find a fine variety of comforters and dohars in the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection.

#2 It’s Safe for Sensitive Skin

Bamboo fabric is extremely soft to touch and as an added bonus, it has hypoallergenic properties. This makes it one of the safest materials to sleep on for people with skin sensitivity. Because of their fine properties, single bed sheets and double bed sheets from our Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection are flying off the shelves!

#3 It Gets Rid of Body Odour

Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial bio-agent called "Bamboo Kun". This is what helps the plant naturally flourish and grow in the wild without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. This also helps in eliminating the bacteria that cause body odour. For a more comfortable sleep, explore the collection  single bed sheets, double bed sheets, comforters and dohars in the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection.

#4 It’s Highly Durable

Bamboo is a very strong and resilient material. When bamboo sheets are cared for properly, they last just as long if not longer than other fabrics.

#5 More Absorbent and Breathable Material

Bamboo fabric has very efficient moisture-wicking technology that absorbs sweat from the body, saving you from feeling mucky in our humid environment. The dohars and bed sheets made with material are highly breathable, giving you a feeling of comfort rather than confinement.

#6 It’s Health Friendly

With its antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing, and other properties, bed linens from the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection are good for you and your family’s health. This is because it keeps you and your loved ones away from harmful bacteria, protects your skin and maintains body temperature with its thermo-regulating properties.

#7 It’s Easy To Maintain

Bamboo is a highly durable material and lasts longer than some cotton weaves. Bed linens made with this fabric can be tossed into the machine and only become softer with every wash. This makes them a better choice for the long-term. 


#8 It’s More Sustainable

As the name suggests, this fabric is sourced from the bamboo plant, which is a renewable material. This plant is highly self-sufficient and barely needs a human touch to grow. The fabric made from the plant is more biodegradable than most fabrics available in the market today.

#9 Available in A Variety of Styles

Bamboo fabric is very adaptable fabric. It started off as a substitute fabric for making tablecloths but has evolved into a preferred choice of fabric for everything from t-shirts to comforters. At SPACES as well, you can choose your favourite patterns and colours of bath towels, hand towels, comforters and dohars from our Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection.

#10 It Improves Quality Of Sleep

Well, with all the qualities about bamboo that we’ve mentioned above, is it really a surprise that your quality of sleep becomes better upon using products from our Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection? By keeping your skin protected from micro bacteria, sweat and more, you are guaranteed to have better sleep when you curl up with bed linens made from bamboo fabric. 

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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