Revamp Your Bath Linen in Less Than Rs 4000

Revamp Your Bath Linen in Less Than Rs 4000

With the festive season in India in full swing, deep cleaning and renovation have gained greater importance. The bath is the most frequent room in your home, and its cleanliness can define your whole house. The right set of bath linens should make your bathing experience comfortable and hassle-free. If you are revamping your bathroom, then this blog is for you. We have come up with some affordable tips that will help you revamp your bath linen for less than Rs 4,000. This guide will give you the best options to give your bath linen closet a fresh, new look.

Why Revamp Your Bath Linen Closet?

Bath linen is a great way to add character and personality to your home. Whether you have a rustic cottage, modern loft, or country house, your bath linen sets the tone for your home. There are a number of reasons why you might want to revamp your bath linen. One of the most common reasons is that it may be looking tired, shabby, or out-of-date. This can make it feel old and tired, so it's important to revamp your bath linen as soon as possible to make sure it looks fresh and modern. Revamping your bath linen is also hygienic, as you can get rid of your old, discoloured, ragged towels, which could otherwise harm your skin.

Best Options To Re-haul Your Bath Linen Closet

SPACES by Welspun has long been a household name when it comes to bed and bath linen products. They have an expansive range of bath linen which encompasses bath towels, hand towels, face towels, kids towel, bath robes, and more. By taking reference from their impressive product portfolio, we have designed the following bath linen sets that you can get for Rs. 4000 or less!

The perfect bath linen closet should comprise the right combination of bath, hand, and face towels, with a bathrobe for added comfort. But keep in mind that everybody’s needs are different, and you are welcome to mix and match the bath linen products to suit your requirements in the best way.

Set 1:

This set takes into account the needs of two adults living together. Alternatively, this set also works great for someone who is moving into their own home and is setting up their bath linen closet. We’ve compiled the essentials that these two people would need, which include:

  • Season’s Best Everyday Absorbent 100% Cotton Towel set - which includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and six face towels - Available for Rs. 1,169.
  • Two Cloudz 100% Cotton Unisex Bathrobes - a luxuriant way to complete your bath experience - Available for Rs. 1,199 

Set 2:

This set tackles the needs of two people who often have guests come over. In our opinion, they would need the following set, which comprises:

  • Atrium 100% Cotton Face Towel - contains a set of eight face towels for you and your guests - Available for Rs. 729.
  • Season’s Best 100% Cotton Hand Towel set - containing six hand towels in two colours that you can use in regular rotation - Available for Rs. 529.
  • Two Atrium Plus 100% Cotton Bath Towel sets - So you and your guests have a soft and fresh bath towel to greet you after your shower - Available for Rs. 1,159.
  • Exotica 100% Cotton Turbie Towel - Because your hair deserves to be treated with care and comfort too! - Available for Rs. 499

Set 3:

This set of bath linen is compiled keeping in mind a family’s possible needs. This set contains:

  • Atrium Plus 100% Cotton Towel Combo - which includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two face towels - Available for Rs. 2,399.
  • Cloudz 100% Cotton Unisex Bath Robe - so you can be warm and comfortable to and from the bathroom - Available for Rs. 1,199.
  • Kids Towel - So your child can enjoy bathtime with their favourite cartoon characters! - Available for Rs. 529.

These are just some of the possible bath linen combinations you can explore for your needs. It’s a good idea to explore the ‘Deals’ page on the SPACES website for the best prices on your favourite products. Other than this, you can also enjoy additional discounts on your order. Check the website for more details.

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