Swift Dry Towels: Your Reliable Partner for The Monsoons

swift dry towels for monsoons

We all know that regular hygiene is not easy; especially when it’s monsoon — the carrier of lovely weather and also dust, humidity and microbes.  In addition to keeping yourself dry and clean, the issue can extend if you have a house full of different types of surfaces and items. A convenient way to take care of it all is to keep several dry towels handy; which in itself can be impractical. Then just get swift dry towels!

One reason is straightforward: because of monsoon, when it rains much and the sun is up less to dry the wet, having swift dry towels helps wipe without staying too wet for another wipe. But with swift dry towels, the utility goes even further in terms of hygiene and maintenance. Let’s first understand, what are swift dry towels and then look at how they make for a reliable monsoon partner.

What Is A Swift Dry Towel

swift dry towels are highly absorbent towels that can soak up liquid swiftly and dry up in a very short amount of time. In contrast to cotton towels, they have this quality because of being typically made of polyester or polyamide microfiber. Its strands are lighter and smaller than silk. Its unique weaving also allows for it to catch dirt and microbes, and be breathable, easily foldable and durable.

These qualities lend it to become a saviour during monsoon.

1.  Amazingly Absorbent

Used as bath towels, these do a much better job of wiping the body dry than cotton bath towels. They can also be used to clean windows, mirrors, and surfaces in your home, helping to remove dust and fingerprints, as well as water spots.

2.  Dry Up Fast

To take care of more wiping required during monsoon, these towels ideally dry up swiftly as well. Otherwise, you would have to keep an extra number of dry towels ready.

3.  Pick More Dust And Microbes

As mentioned earlier, monsoon carries with itself dirt, dust and all sorts of microbes which can be allergens and may even cause serious health issues for kids. swift dry towel material effectively sticks out more such particles and germs when wiped across a surface or body part.

4.  Compact And Lightweight

Compared to cotton towels or those of other materials, these microfiber towels are relatively lighter. They are also easier to fold and pack; so, if you plan to trip or trek in monsoon, these become a preferred choice.

Common Uses Of Swift Dry Towel

Of course, primarily dry towels are for cleaning oneself dry. In addition, for their absorbent, dry and germ-removing quality, these towels can be used for multiple purposes:

  • In the kitchen to wipe grease, oil etc.
  • In the bathroom to clean the mirror
  • To clean vehicle
  • To clean pots and pans
  • To clean various surfaces: floors, windows etc.


So, it’s clear: Using dry towels in monsoon - instead of regular cotton towels - will not only make it easier to stay dry without much maintenance but it would also help prevent some common health problems. Taking the convenience a step further, you can order swift dry towels online! Spaces offers a wide range of swift dry towels in various colours, sizes and designs that’d fit your need and style.

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