How to pick the right comforter to last every season

How to pick the right comforter to last every season

They are warm and cosy, and they envelop one like a hug on a cold day – or night. Comforters are essential for deep sleep and they can be used all through the year, provided you pick one that suits all temperatures and seasons.

This blog offers a handy guide for picking both single and double comforters of the right kind:

#1 Buy at the right time from the best brands

Comforter prices rise during the winter months and spring, so if you want a price reduction, you should wait for the warmer season to come up. However, the best brands like Spaces offer the best prices on all bedding irrespective of the season, with special festive pricing during the latter half of the year. It is advisable to switch out your comforter every so often, especially if you can feel the internal filling shifting inside.

#2 Know what goes inside the comforter

The filling inside the comforter is its essence: it determines how warm or light the comforter will be. Often, most are filled with down (the small feathers from geese or duck) which provides the best insulation. Downy comforters are a better alternative to other materials like polyester fibres and wool fragments, since these can make the product heavy. They are also prone to overheating, so you cannot use the comforter all year round. Down ones offer good insulation and lightness in terms of weight, besides being more affordable and easier to clean. If the online bed linen store does not indicate the filling, you should raise a query to find out the same before buying. Checking the insulation and material should also be done based on your needs. 

#3 Comforters have fill power, just like bedsheets have a thread count

Along with the thread count, comforters are also judged on what is known as ‘fill power’ which indicates how much space the internal filling takes up per square inch. Thus, comforters with higher fill powers are warmer because they offer less space for air to pass through. The bottom line when choosing an all-weather quilt or comforter is to pick one with a fill power lower than 600. Again, this is not often indicated on the online brand site so you should raise the query before buying the product.

#4 Check out the construction

The construction of the quilt or comforter simply refers to its stitching. The stitching is an important part of the product because it holds the filling in place despite years of regular use and washing. The better the construction, the longer the comforter lasts. The most common and widely accepted type is the ‘baffle box’ or ‘square’ which you see on quilts. It holds and helps the filling spread out evenly and locked into place so that it does not clump up in uneven spots. When checking the thread count of the product, you are essentially looking at the covering fabric: it should be 300 to 500 for an all-weather product.

#5 Note the maintenance instructions

The manufacturer will list the maintenance instructions online and on the product box. Some are meant only for dry cleaning, while others can be machine washed in cold water and without the tumble dry option. Still others must not be dried in dryers. If the comforter can be put in the dryer, use dryer balls to remove extra fluff and hair . It is always a good idea to opt for a 100% cotton comforter, like those available on the SPACES website, since it is easier to wash cotton comforters. Another advantage is that cotton bed linen becomes softer upon every wash, making it a good long-term investment.

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