Everything You Need to Know About an Orthopedic Mattress

Everything You Need to Know About an Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic conditions come in different forms like osteoporosis, arthritis, and pain in the elbows, neck, lower back, knees and feet. If you suffer from any such condition, it may not be suitable for you to use a regular mattress. This is where Spaces comes to your rescue. We offer orthopedic bed mattresses that have been designed specially to provide orthopedic care, with unique features for added support and comfort. Here is all you need to know about these mattresses. 

What Makes Orthopedic Mattresses Special?

The orthopedic bed mattresses offered by Spaces are the ultimate solution to ensure restful sleep for people with body pain. These mattresses have been created with individual pocket springs to offer up to 30% better weight distribution and, therefore, much more comfortable. The pocket spring also provides centre support to help regulate your sleep cycle.

By providing better weight distribution, these mattresses can help eliminate partner-induced sleep disturbances as well. So, you can sleep peacefully even if your partner has an orthopaedic condition.

As an added benefit, these mattresses are highly breathable since their inbuilt technology allows more airflow. So, you won't wake up sweating and can begin your day feeling fresh and recharged.

The amazing specifications of our orthopedic bed mattresses make them special. These include:

  • A 20 mm soft PU (polyurethane) foam (32D) top layer
  • A 20 mm soft PU (polyurethane) foam (32D) middle layer
  • A bottom layer comprising 110 mm high-density pockets (with 351 springs)

Difference Between Orthopedic Sleep Deep Mattresses and Luxury Mattresses

We offer ortho mattresses online under the categories of Sleep Deep and Luxury mattresses. The Luxury variant is just like the Sleep Deep variant but is thicker and more comfortable. That is because it has the following additional benefits:

  • Individual pocket springs along with a pillow top
  • More relief to aches and pain
  • An added layer, known as the Eurotop layer, so you can enjoy a luxurious feel and greater comfort.

Other Features and Benefits of Our Orthopedic Bed Mattresses

  • Have excellent-quality foam
  • Made of premium-quality soft quilted fabric.
  • Can help relieve pressure on your body.
  • Offer contoured body support.
  • Provide benefits of high GSM anti-pilling fabric and no odour.
  • Come with the feature of anti-viral treatment.
  • Contain an in-built mattress protector for hassle-free care since it protects the mattresses from stains and water spillage.
  • Come with a breathable lightweight knitted top fabric to provide softness and good airflow.
  • Have a customisable top fabric for which you can choose from different colour options.

To make your shopping experience completely hassle-free, we offer the additional perks of a free trial for 30 nights, a 12-year warranty, free shipping, and no-cost EMIs.

Conditions That Can Be Addressed by Our Orthopedic Bed Mattresses

Body Pain: People suffering from pain in the joints and muscles are prone to disturbed sleep. Our orthopedic mattresses have additional cushioning and contoured body support for every sleeping posture. This helps avoid pain and offers restful sleep.

Heat Traps and Night Sweats: Since these mattresses are breathable and allow adequate ventilation, there is no risk of heat traps. Therefore, you won't experience night sweats.

Partner-Induced Sleep Disturbances: If you have an orthopedic condition, you may find it difficult to share your bed with someone who twists and turns frequently at night. By using our orthopedic mattresses, which provide better weight distribution to minimise partner-induced sleep disturbances, both you and your partner can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

You cannot put a price on good sleep! Check out our orthopedic mattress online. You can choose from our Single, King size and Queen size orthopedic mattresses based on the size of your bed and whether you wish to sleep alone or with someone.

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