COVID Getting You Worried? Rest Easy With Anti-Viral Bedsheets And Face Masks

COVID Getting You Worried? Rest Easy With Anti-Viral Bedsheets And Face Masks

With news of the Omicron variant making the rounds, COVID-19 has once again become the forefront of every conversation. Just as we thought life was getting back to pre-pandemic conditions, we have retreated back to the cautious condition of the last two years. Social distancing norms are more important than ever, and protecting our well-being is at the forefront of every decision. It’s not enough to just do the minimum in following COVID-19 norms. It has become crucial to go the extra mile when planning for our every move.

You’ve probably covered balanced diets and staying 6 feet apart from everyone, but there is still a very important aspect you need to pay attention to - your bed! You may have been staying at home this entire time, but did you know that your bed can contain a high number of germs and microbial elements? According to a Ameri sleep study titled ‘Bacteria in your bed’, external viral factors along with dead skin cells, sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids can turn your bed into a hub for contaminants that are 17,000 times more than the germs found on a toilet seat! These contaminants negatively affect both your sleep quality and overall health.

At SPACES, we’re always on the move to find better ways to improve your sleep hygiene. To help you combat the COVID-19 virus, we have a range of products that actively work on eliminating the contaminants from your bed. This collection includes anti viral bedsheets and anti viral face masks.

Anti Viral Bedsheets:

Anti viral bedsheets were developed based on two factors - the evolution of technology related to anti-viral fabric and rise in awareness about the number of bacteria and viruses that live on your bed linens. With COVID-19 still at large, this type of bedsheets is no longer an option; they are a necessity.

The Anti viral bedsheets are made using a far more rigorous process as compared with regular bedsheets. The 100% cotton bedsheets are integrated with an anti viral finish. This is created using a mix of various nano-sized compounds and complexes of metals like silver and copper. After conducting tests at the University of Melbourne, this anti viral finish has proven 99.94% effective in killing Coronavirus as per the ISO 18184 test method.

With the SPACES anti viral collection, you do not have to compromise your aesthetic values either! You can browse an expansive collection of single bed sheets and double bed sheets in a variety of patterns and colours. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Indian designs or care for a geometric, structured look, the SPACES anti viral collection has it all!

Anti Viral Face Masks:

Since we already have the anti viral fabric on our side, why stop at just bed sheets? That is why you can also find a range of face masks on the SPACES website! These triple-layer cotton face masks are made using the anti viral finish, so you can get better protection when you’re out and about. This finish is effective upto 50 washes and the masks are made using skin safe pigments. Each layer of the face masks are treated with the anti viral finish so as to provide better protection for you and your loved ones. They also come with free mask extenders, so your face mask can sit snugly on your face, leaving no room for the harmful microbes to enter your body as you breathe.

To get your extra layer of protection in bed sheets and face masks, simply head to There, you can browse through the anti viral collection, make your choice, add your address, make the payment and relax as we ship your selections right at your doorstep!

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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