5 Bathing Rules to ease your Winter Bathing Sessions

5 Bathing Rules to ease your Winter Bathing Sessions

With the cold winter breeze surrounding us, seeking sources of warmth and cosiness becomes second nature. And even though bathing means letting go of this sustained warmth for just a few seconds, we’re reluctant to carry on with the act. but what can you do, it’s just as important to carry on our practices of personal hygiene.

This not only ensures cleanliness, but also leaves you bright and refreshed every day!

Let’s bring the warmth back to our bathing sessions with these essential bathing rules:

Make sure the water is lukewarm:

Water runs so cold during the winter, and it’s the biggest reason why everyone hesitates to bathe, so make sure you warm up the water temperature to lukewarm. Lukewarm water will help you ease into the cleaning routine, relax your muscles and refresh you too. Try to avoid bathing in very hot water. Bathing in extremely hot water can kill the healthy microbes that keep your body protected. Not only that, it can also severely dry out your skin and cause itching and rashes. So, it’s best to bathe with lukewarm water as it is gentler on your skin!

Be gentle, and remember to moisturise!

Winter brings with it dry skin, as expected. With the lack of moisture in the air, your skin becomes prone to drying out, and over-scrubbing this dry with hot water and loofah can actually be more harmful to your skin!

So, remember, gentle scrubbing and a heavy-duty moisturiser to lock in the moisture post showering. Locking in the moisture will protect it from drying out and save it from abrasion from all the layers of warm clothing that are going to be covering your skin!

Don’t shiver in the cold, keep your bathrobes handy!

  1. The worst part about bathing is stepping out of the shower and having to face the cold! That’s when bathrobes come in so handy. It’s essential to have bathrobes during winter to dry you off and keep you warm while you moisturise and dress.
  2. Check out the Spaces’ collection of warm and fuzzy bathrobes, which will turn even wintry shower times into a luxurious affair. Step out of the shower and into the warm, highly absorbent bathrobes to simplify your bathing routine, even in the winter!
  3. The premium quality material of our bathrobes makes them come in super absorbent, wrinkle-free, and many other finishes. Take your pick from our online catalogue and order the perfect one for each member of your family!

Don’t let your feet get cold!

Socks during the winter are lifesavers, as they keep your feet protected from the chilly floor! So, when you take them off, you may catch a cold through your bare feet, especially during bathing. There’s an easy solution! Fret not! Keeping your shower slippers and bath mats placed near the shower and at the door of your bathroom will help you stay cosy and keep your feet protected until you can cover them up in snuggly warm socks.

You can find the perfect bath mat for your bathroom and get it easily delivered from our website! Start browsing now, your feet will thank you!

Don’t forget to dry your hair well!

While you may find the perfect shampoo and conditioner to nourish your hair, you also need to make sure you’re drying your hair well! Wet hair can leave you feeling cold and also make you sick. That’s why it’s essential to find the perfect absorbent towel to make sure you can take out all the moisture possible.

The weather outside may be frigid, but at SPACES, we have what you need to coast through this season with absolute warmth and comfort! All you need to do is visit www.spaces.in, browse our diverse collections of bath towels, bath mats and bathrobes, so you can be prepared for a comfortable bath time routine for you and your loved ones.



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