3 Reasons Why Your Home Is Incomplete Without Hygro Cotton Towels

hygro cotton towels

Whether you are cooking, showering, or out at the beach, we need towels to dry and wipe. Even thinking to do without these towels is uncomforting as it is in real life. But whether it be bath towels, hand towels or other types, not all are created equally (not talking just about the size). Their fabric material and weaving play the most important role in providing the required softness, dryness, and durability.

For long towels have been manufactured the same way which, depending on their purpose, require frequent washing or changes as they become rough and soak-less over time. That’s where hygro cotton towels come in. For the way it is created, it is significantly better at soaking fluid, is softer and lasts longer than a traditional towel.

Let’s understand its advantages further to see why hygro towels are in increasing demand in every household.

What are Hygro Cotton Towels

Cotton has been traditionally used for weaving towels in a certain way. Hygro cotton towels are created with cotton mixed with polyester in the latest technique that produces yarn with a hollow core. To be more precise, the process of its manufacturing involves pile yarn to be woven with cotton weft and warp yarns. Then this fabric is washed in warm water to dissolve the PVA fibres. The amount of which corresponds to the hollow air space pockets throughout the pile of yarn giving these towels a bulkier than the usual look.  In addition, these towels become highly absorbent, loftier, and durable.

With that basic differentiator, let’s dive into the three reasons that make hygro towels a must-have in every home.

Highly Absorbent

The basic purpose - and possibly the most important factor in deciding the quality of towels - is its water absorbency. A high-quality towel quickly soaks water off your body or any surface and dries up fast for a second use.

A Hygro cotton towel is designed for this purpose of high absorbency. It especially is more helpful to have a hand towel of hygro cotton so that you don’t have to take out multiple ones during the day itself.

Extra soft and wrinkle-free

Cotton towels lose their softness over time. You can also notice unwanted creases on them, especially at corners that become difficult to wash. These problems make towels retire even before they are worn out of use.

If you are tired of these issues, using hygro cotton towels can surprise you once you wash them. Instead of losing softness, they become loftier with every wash!  Moreover, the polyester in them enables them to maintain their structure so that hard wrinkles are not formed despite frequent usage or washing.

More Durable

Hygro towels are more durable and will not rip or tear easily. This makes them ideal for people who are constantly washing their hands and wetting them with a lot of liquids like in the kitchen or at the beach. You can also these towels for daily cleaning purposes, and it will last longer than those typical cotton rags.


There you go with the reason why you need a hygro cotton towel — because absorbency, softness and durability are unlike any other towel. In addition, the materials used in these towels are non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic so make for eco-friendly and hygienic bathroom items as well.

Looking to buy hygro towels online? Get them in Spaces in the widest range of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

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