3 best ways to keep a fluffy bathrobe fluffy

3 best ways to keep a fluffy bathrobe fluffy

Your bathrobe is the perfect clothing to put on after a shower and the last thing you want to is to keep your bathrobe in a bad condition. Women’s bathrobes and robes for men keep you warm, dry and comfortable. One bathrobe does so many things, and so you should take care of them in return. So, here are some ways to keep the robes for men and robes for women fluffy and fabulous:

Washing is key

It may be tempting to unwrap and carry your new and beautiful bathrobe straight into the bathroom, BUT it is important to wash it before you use it the first time. When manufacturing bathrobes, a lubricant is applied to the yarn to make weaving easy. Unfortunately, this lubricant gives the yarn a slippery surface that remains and can be removed only through washing. Pre-washing a bathrobe before use can help to tighten the fabric and can make your bathrobe last longer.

Vinegar helps

After many uses, robes for men and robes for women can lose their softness and become stiff. Stiffness can be caused due to a buildup of detergent residue. There is an easy solution for this. Wash your bathrobes with a quarter cup of white vinegar at least once or twice a month, it will cut down the residue that the detergents leave behind.

Fresh air is necessary

Dry your bathrobe outside on a line. Fresh air can do wonders for your bathrobe fabric. It will also help keep your electricity bill down too. If you want to dry your bathrobes in the dryer, you should add one or two tennis balls in the dryer to fluff up the robes for men and the women’s bathrobe.

Once you buy bathrobe online, you won’t be able to without it. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing a bathrobe even if you haven’t had a shower – it’s just that awesome. With the above tips, you can keep you bathrobe fully and comfortable.

Image Source Source: static.pexels.com/photos/306739

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