How often should you wash your bathroom rugs?

How often should you wash your bathroom rugs?
Should you wash your bathroom mats every week… every couple of weeks? Well, some people wash bath mats regularly while some do not care to wash them at all. However, there are several factors that suggest how often you should wash your bath mat sets.

Bathroom mats with a non-skid rubber backing

2 These bath mats cannot be washed frequently. It is best to wash bath mats in hot water but the ones with rubber backing will deteriorate quickly if washed with hot water often. So, to maintain a bath mat with rubber backing, you should only wash it once in a month.

Bath mats frequently in use

3 Do you use your bath mat frequently? If yes, it needs to be washed weekly. If you take several showers in the same bathroom, your bath mats get wet multiple times. And, as your bath mat sets are against the floor, they cannot breathe well and take long time to dry and can promote growth of mildew. Thus, you should wash your bath mats which are used multiple times at least once in a week.

Bath mats in kids bathroom

4 In a kids bathroom, water is splashed on the bathroom floor routinely. Bath mats do not have enough time to dry out well between each use and thus harbor all kinds of mold and fungi. To stop the mold from multiplying, you should wash the bath mats in your kids bathroom every week. As bath mat sets are thick, they may take long to dry. And you definitely don’t want to step on the hard floor after a shower. So, when you’re bath mat sets are out for washing, what should you do? You should get more bath mats online to continue to keep your feet on warm and cozy bath mats after a bath.
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