Stay fresh and breezy during monsoon with these easy home hacks!

Stay fresh and breezy during monsoon with these easy home hacks!

Keep the damp monsoon blues at bay and use these home hacks to stay fresh and all day! Connect with SPACES to know more.

Monsoon Hacks

Say goodbye to the gloomy monsoon!
Rains can definitely pull us down. So whether you're staying in or stepping out, all you need to do is follow some of our favourite Monsoon hacks and stay fresh and lively during the rainy season. We’ve pulled together some monsoon health tips for home care and for beauty. So just do them for an easier life.

Home hacks for monsoon that make your life easy:

1. Smelly clothes? Just add vodka.
You heard right. Adding vodka helps to neutralise the wet stench as it acts as an odour eliminator. The stronger the spirit, the better it will work. So next time, instead of dousing your clothes in perfumes just add the vodka.

2. Soaked items? Just ziplock them.
We know just how annoying it is when stuff gets soaked - be it clothes or bags. It becomes even more infuriating when our electronic items get wet if we happen to be out in the rains. It’s more expensive than infuriating, to be honest. So the best way to go out and about in monsoon but also care for your belongings is to store all of them in a ziplock bag. So cables, hard drives, phones, electrics, cosmetics? Just put them away in a ziplock

3. Clothes refusing to dry? Just iron or blow-dry.
All rains and no sun make it very difficult for clothes to dry during the monsoon. The clothesline meant to air dry clothes gets shifted inside our homes and under the fan. And that’s a major inconvenience. But with a simple blow dry or hot iron, you can reduce the drying time for clothes and forget about your wardrobe woes.

4. Wet socks? Just carry extra pairs.
This is pretty self-explanatory! Carrying an extra pair of socks helps you keep your feet dry. But make sure you carry a ziplock bag to keep the soaked socks with you especially when you’re travelling.

5. Flies everywhere? Just ‘clove’ them away.
If you did not know this before, well now you do. Keeping a sliced lemon or two on the windows or doors can ward off the pesky flies. Even cloves repel them, so next time you can try this out.

6. Damp closets? Just put mothballs.
A really easy way to keep you closets free from dampness is to put mothballs or a few cloves in them. This way, the closets would be less damp

7. Wet phone? Just dunk it in rice.
One tech-scare is our electronic devices getting wet. If this happens with you, what you need to do is turn them off first and then take a large bowl of raw rice and leave the device in it for 34 to 48 hours. The rice soaks up the moisture and your device can be restored to its former self.

8. Wet shoes? Just waterproof them.
Wet shoes are the bane of this rainy season. Nobody likes the icky feeling of walking in soaked shoes. So here’s a way to make them waterproof. What you need is some generous amounts of beeswax that rub all over your shoes and leave them alone for 30-45 minutes. It’s a great trick to make your shoes safer to wear during rains.

9. Damaged leather goods? Just store in cloth bags.
Rains are a nightmare for all those things made from leather. It’s easily damaged due to moisture so keeping leather goods dry is very important. Store your leather bags, jackets and shoes in a well-ventilated place and store them in cloth bags. Make sure these goods are completely dry before you put them away.

10. Musty home linen? Just get the Bamboo Charcoal range.
The Bamboo Charcoal range from SPACES is the perfect blend of nature and science. The yarn is processed with nano-particles of Bamboo Charcoals embedded in it which gives it natural antimicrobial properties and odour prevention. This means that Bamboo Charcoal bed sheets and Bamboo Charcoal towels stay fresh for longer and keep disease causing microbes away. Using antimicrobial bedsheets and antimicrobial bed covers has many wellness benefits in the monsoon.

Anti Viral Cotton King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,039

11. Wet towels? Just use SwiftDry towels.
Rainy season is the time when towels are used the most but sadly it being the season of very less sunshine, the towels take too long to dry. At this time you need a qick-dry towel quite frequently.  Worry no more, because the SwiftDry towel from SPACES dry quicker than you think. It is an ultra absorbent towel that helps you get dry quickly. Not just that, these colourful and quick dry bath towels are also very soft and plushy to touch. 


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