The fix for smelly, soured towels

The fix for smelly, soured towels

Do your bath towels look clean but have a sour-like smell? Most definitely it’s difficult to stand the smell, and on top of that using smelly towels after a bath can ruin your bathing experience. Plus, the last thing you want to do is give your guests smelly bath towels!

How do you combat this problem? Well, many detergents are capable of eliminating most odors and smells. However, some odors refuse to go away. To eliminate these odors, we have the right fix for you

Wash bath towels in hot bleach water


This remedy really works! Put your cotton towels in the washing machine with bleach and hot water. Do not stuff too many bath towels in your washing machine. Your bath towels should have space to move around and be cleaned thoroughly.  After washing your bath towels, if the smell still persists, you should just throw them again in the washing machine, BUT this time add with bleach and hot water.

Dry your towel sets in the sun


Hot sunshine can help you get rid of the smell. However, if you are planning to line dry your bath towels, you should add extra fabric softener when washing them. This will make your bath towels soft and fluffy as if they’re just out of the dryer.

Throw your bath towels out


Yes, we just mean that! If you have tried all options and your towels are still smelly, it is time to throw them away and get new towels. There are variety of bath towels online so you can easily replace you’re the old ones with them. Bath towels last between 7-10 years and so, they should be thrown after this period.

Try these steps to eliminate smell from your cotton towels. You will definitely be successful in getting fresh smelling bath towels by using these tips. If not, you should get new bath towels online.


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