Benefits of Working from Home

Benefits of Working from Home

Work From Home Wonders!
Who could predict that WFH would become a routine? And while it’s comforting, this new normal of working can affect the work-life balance. There are so many things competing for our time. On the one hand, there’s our job and on the other, we have a home to look after. We get how difficult managing both these things can get at times.
So we’ve picked out a few must-haves that can make your WFH life a bit easier.
Fitted sheets
A useful bedside accessory, fitted sheets lie between a sleeper and duvet or blanket. They act as protection for your mattress. They are easier to put on the bed too. A fitted sheet has elastic on its edge to fit perfectly with a mattress. Using this provides a smooth sleeping surface and it’s easy to maintain because it’s removable for cleaning.

Cotton Queen Fitted Sheet @ ₹ 1,499

Bedside Caddy
Looking for some extra storage, and a nightstand too? Then we have something unique for you! A bedside caddy is a perfect solution for both these needs. It hangs next to your bed and is the best option for organizing your space. It helps to keep your essentials within reach. With several storage compartments, they are great for holding your phone, a favourite book, your journal, or any other small essentials. These caddies are tucked partially under the mattress and some may have straps for extra security.
Self-cleaning devices:
Although everyone’s been talking about self-help, who wouldn’t mind a self-cleaning gadget that helps in keeping your home clean. Nothing less than a robot, are devices like the Scooba or the Roomba. Otherwise called self-cleaning machines. Roomba, a vacuum cleaner with a mind of it’s own, is programmed to make your life easier in maintaining a clean home. The Scooba is a device made to eliminate the tedious task of mopping. It uses a series of brushes and a cleaning solution to clean tile, vinyl or sealed hardwood floors. A clean home keeps bacteria away and the Scooba is perfect for busy working professionals working remotely from home.

Gala Spin Mop and Bucket:
A useful, economical gadget for quickly and easily cleaning the house is the Spin Mop and bucket from Gala. No more back-breaking when mopping, because this long brush is easy to use and easy to clean difficult corners and spaces under the furniture. A specially designed big spout shaped bucket with wheels comes with the mop, making it very convenient to pour out and dispose of the dirty water after mopping. More importantly, easy maintenance means even the mop itself can be easily cleaned. This spin mop works well with different types of flooring like tiles, slate, wooden or even linoleum. 

Spray Mop:
Moping your house just became easier with this spray mop. It’s a light, durable & easy-to-use gadget. For a spotless floor, all that is needed is a unique spray function that allows you to use just the right amount of water and avoid wastage. It’s great to clean marble tiles, Granite surfaces, tiles, mosaics and wooden floorings.

Multipurpose Cleaning Brushes:
Using kitchen tools like a blender, juicer, food processor, coffee grinder is convenient. But you know what’s not? Cleaning these! So, we’ve found this set of cleaning brushes which are designed to get into the nooks and crannies of pretty much any kitchen appliance you own. Of course, these can be used for general cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen.

Magic Eraser:
A miracle we can’t get enough of! These foam sponges clean away kitchen grime, soap scum, marks on your walls and dirt from pretty much any surface in the house. It is an effective and abrasive cleaner. It works on the toughest cleaning jobs. All you need to do is just wet with water, squeeze out excess water and erase the dirt!

Multipurpose silicone gloves:
Doing all the efforts of cleaning the dishes, cleaning and mopping can damage the skin on your hands. Most of the soaps or cleaning solutions we use have strong chemicals in them which ensure clean surfaces and utensils, but can be damaging on the skin. Which is why we recommend using multipurpose gloves used for dishwashing, kitchen cleaning, pet hair washing, bathroom cleaning, washing fruits and vegetables etc. Not only do they do the job of cleaning but they protect your skin from damage and bacteria. So your hands are safe! Comfortable, easy to use, reusable and easily sterilized - should we say more?

Slow Cookers:
Slow cookers are a great option to give yourself a break from the kitchen. Generally, slow cookers are used more for winter soups and stews, but there are many summer fruits and vegetables that also taste good when cooked in the low and slow method. This handy kitchen appliance draws out the flavour of all your ingredients and needs very little hands-on work. Less effort and delicious food? Maximum convenience!
Mandoline Slicers:
When you want super-clean, uniform veggie slivers in less time - a mandoline slicer is the best choice. You'll find that it helps you cut veggies into uniform slices with clean, smooth edges. Some slicers can also be tossed on the top rack of the dishwasher, so easy to use and easy to clean. A winning combination! We really meant it when we said that we’ve picked out some wonders that would make your Work From Home life easy. This one just reduces prep time in the kitchen and we strongly believe every kitchen should have one.

Immersion blenders:
Another handy kitchen gadget! Hand blenders or stick or immersion blenders as they are known are the most convenient appliances for blending or pureeing ingredients. You can use these right inside a bowl or even in a hot pot on the stove. Because they are hand-held, you don’t have to move ingredients to different bowls for mixing and add to the pile of dishes to be cleaned later. They are great for blending drinks, mixing, pureeing, creaming and emulsifying (like mayonnaise). Some high-end models also come with additional features like chopping, ice crushing, and mixing dough.

Mini Choppers:
Chop and puree a variety of food effortlessly with this wonderful kitchen gadget. Simplify and reduce your food preparation in the kitchen. These choppers are designed to be compact but powerful so you can mince, chop and mix easily in less space than a traditional large food processor. They are easy to operate and are durable enough for everyday use. So just as easily as you relax, you can make fresh homemade guacamole or chopping onions for a special sauce. Oh, and they are also easy to clean, since they are dishwasher safe.

Herb Scissors:
Without too much hassle, Herb scissors or herb shears are a simple kitchen tool that will allow you to effectively chop herbs. With these scissors, a snip or two will be enough to prepare the best garnish for a dish. 

Foldable Cutting Board:
Some things seem too good to be true and this foldable cutting board is one of them.  It lays flat for chopping, then the sides fold up so you can easily transfer your chopped ingredients to the pot without spilling. Hassle-free cooking time? Yes indeed! It’s perfect for cutting veggies or fresh herbs in batches. On and again, this is very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. 

Roll-up Dish drying rack:
We won’t say too much. But this is exactly what is needed for a sink that doesn’t have a separate section for drying dishes. The dishes dry without leaving any residue, especially glasses and clear plastic containers. And the best part? You can roll it back up when you don’t need it. This way free up space to use your sink to wash the dishes. 

Apple Slicer:
Want your apples always cut nicely and evenly? You need a gadget designed just to do that! So you don’t need to spend more time trying to divide an apple evenly. It’s not a complex or a bulky machine. It’s small so you can store it in your cupboard or by the side of the fridge. 

Some tools for remote working are:

When working remotely, some tools help to increase productivity as they help you organise your work and manage time. Better organization of work means a more relaxed and happier work environment. These tools also help in easier collaboration with your employers and colleagues. So whether you run your own business or work in an organisation, these tools will help you and your workplace teams. Some tools that help towards a better work from home life are:


When it comes to team chat experience, Slack is the clear winner. It spares email inboxes and reduces the many CCs and BCCs that you need to manage. Slack allows you to create teams around departments, projects, employee fan clubs...anything you want. Messages are sent out to teams over the transom, or you can message individuals or smaller groups directly. It also integrates with both Google Docs and DropBox. 


If you subscribe to an open-source ethos, check out Mattermost, which is an open-source, private cloud option that is similar to Slack’s functionality. It is a decent alternative to Slack.

Microsoft Teams

It is a part of premium Office 365 subscription. Make video and VOIP calls within Teams, direct and group message other users, and share work from other 365 apps, such as PowerPoint and Excel.

Slack Alternatives

Forming an accidental nursery rhyme of funny-sounding words, the myriad Slack alternatives include Ryver, Glip, Twist, Fleep, RocketChat and Flock.



Everyone’s zooming these days! If you have big team meetings that include lots of remote workers, Zoom is a video chat application that supports multiple people. Large meetings up to 5500 participants can be added as a feature. The free version only allows 40 minutes of video calling and to access more, you need to pay for a subscription fee.

Skype for Business

Microsoft has its own version of Skype. Currently, both Teams and Skype are available as part of the Office 365 Premium bundle. It combines instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration into a single app for new ways of working.
Other options:

Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting,, Skype (FREE plan available) and Google Meets


Google Calendar
Google Calendar is a great time management tool for organising your work schedule, meetings, seminars and leaves etc. You can have shared calendars for team meetings, company-wide events, and even celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries. Since we can easily access a colleagues’ calendar schedule, avoiding scheduling conflicts in easy due to this.

Other tools for time management:

I Done This, a status update manager

Pocket, an offline save-and-read-later app

RescueTime, a computer use tracker

Toggl time tracker, for projects (Free plan)

Grammarly is an online extension that will take your writing to the next level. It verifies your spelling and grammar, but it also analyses the tone and clarity of your writing and performs a style check. It’s helpful for writing lessons, emails, website copy, support replies, and even social media posts. You can also get their mobile or desktop app to make it even easier to write better on any device.

Other tools for writing and editing:

Evernote, a note-taking app (Free plan available)

TextExpander, a writing tool to save keystrokes

WorkFlowly, an outlining tool (Free plan available)

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