What Makes a Yours n Mine Mattress Ideal for Families

What Makes a Yours n Mine Mattress Ideal for Families

People have different preferences when it comes to sharing their bed. You may like to share your bed with not just your spouse but also your child or pet. But you might often face one problem here – sleep disturbance! Not everyone maintains the same sleep postures throughout the night. Some may twist and turn more frequently, while others may get up multiple times at night! As a result, you might not get good sleep. While you are buying mattresses, you should always take a closer look at your individual preferences. As mentioned above, a mattress is all about individualised comfort. That is often hard to reconcile with your spouse or better half, who may have different preferences in terms of the feel and comfort levels offered by a particular type of mattress. Couples often prefer firmer or softer mattresses. Now in this context, a mattress which has uniform or unchanged levels will lead to discomfort for some partners, while others may also have issues with their persistent tossing and turning throughout the night too!

So, what’s the solution? The answer is simple – Yours n Mine mattresses. These are super-comfortable mattresses designed for those who share their bed. These mattresses are known for eliminating partner-induced sleep disturbances and minimising motion transfer when the bed is shared by two or more people. This is due to the special technology that goes into manufacturing these mattresses. You can always choose the right Yours n Mine mattress, depending on the features available and also the size. When it comes to the right mattress size, you can take your pick from Diwan mattresses in categories like king size mattresses, queen size mattresses and other single mattresses or double mattresses. At the same time, people have their own energy levels and sleeping styles as mentioned earlier. Hence, Yours n Mine mattresses are the ideal solutions for helping people thrive on their own ideal sleeping conditions, while enjoying the utmost comfort and quality above everything else. Good sleep, after all, is vital for overall wellbeing. This ensures proper energy and productivity throughout the day, while keeping you free from lethargy and fatigue. In fact, lack of sleep can play havoc with your health over the long haul. Hence, keeping that in mind, ensuring individualised or personalised comfort levels for spouses is possible with these mattresses.

Spaces Yours'n'Mine Mattress @ ₹ 13,476
Spaces Yours'n'Mine Mattress @ ₹ 13,476

Here’s how these mattresses work to give a family the best-quality sleep.

How Do Yours n Mine Mattresses Work?

Also known as Half and Half mattresses, these mattresses work to optimise the sleep experience of partners by offering a combination of contouring and support.

On the other hand, you can customise the mattress depending on your own and your partner's sleep preferences. Half of the mattress can be personalised to cater to your comfort and the other half as per your partner's comfort. This can be done by making the mattress soft-medium, soft-firm or medium-firm, based on your preference. So, go ahead and buy these mattresses to give your family a personalised sleep experience.

The specifications of the product are:

  • 55 mm 40D + 55 mm 32D + 95 mm 40D best-quality foam
  • 55 mm 32D foam + 55 mm 32D softy foam + 95 mm 40D foam
  • 55 mm 40D + 55 mm 32D softy foam + 95 mm 40D foam
Spaces Firm & Fab Mattress @ ₹ 6,048
Spaces Firm & Fab Mattress @ ₹ 6,048

Yours n Mine mattresses have a high thickness of 6 inches that includes multiple layers, such as:

  • A soft-knitted top fabric
  • Soft PU foam
  • High-density foam 

Both the top fabric and foams are of premium quality for total comfortable. The multiple layers help provide a cushioning effect to relieve pressure on the body while sleeping. They also provide contoured body support to everyone who shares the mattress. At the same time, any movement-induced disturbance gets evenly distributed and eliminated since the layers help reduce motion transfer. Therefore, no one is affected by another's sleep habits and postures.

What Extra Features Do Yours n Mine Mattresses Offer?

Additional features of the Half and Half mattresses add to the comfort of family members who share a bed. These features include: 

  • Anti-pilling, offered by the high GSM knitted fabric.
  • The foam used is devoid of any unpleasant odour.
  • The mattresses come with the feature of anti-viral treatment.
  • 40D foam used to manufacture these mattresses lends them durability.
  • There is an in-built mattress protector that eases taking care of the product since the protector resists stains and protects the mattress against water spillage.
  • Softness and adequate ventilation are ensured by the breathable knitted top fabric. This can help eliminate the chances of sweating during sleep.
  • The top fabric comes in different colours for customisation.
  • Various extra perks are available when you buy these mattresses online. These include no-cost EMIs and free shipping, besides a free trial for 30 nights and a warranty for 12 years.

Personalization is not always possible with something like a mattress. However, the Yours n Mine mattress ensures that you can not only get your preferred level of firmness/softness, but also sound sleep for both partners. If you want more features for the ultimate comfort, you can also buy luxury mattresses. They come with an additional Euro top layer for added support and to relieve aches and pains. Whichever mattress you need, choose the King Size mattress if you share your bed with your spouse and child and a Queen Size Mattress to share the space with just your spouse. This way, everyone gets enough space for sound sleep.

Luxury Mattress Online @ ₹ 8,632
Luxury Mattress Online @ ₹ 8,632


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