Celebrate the Indian Spirit with Spaces Rangana Collection this Independence Day

Celebrate the Indian Spirit with Spaces Rangana Collection this Independence Day

Do you know that Indian Independence Day is celebrated all over the world on August 15? It is a day to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day. It is also a special day for everyone in India as it marks the country’s emergence from British rule after almost two centuries of colonization. It is also a day to remember those who fought for Indian Independence and those who died for it.

To make this special day even more special, why dress your bedroom with an Indian theme? Instead of the usual plain white bedsheets, get those with an Indian vibe. The SPACES Rangana collection bedsheets will inject that little bit of Indian culture into your bedroom and make your room look unique and different from the others! Read on to know more about these designs and find which one is just right for your home.

Sateen Soft 100% Cotton Super King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,999
Sateen Soft 100% Cotton Super King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,999

Bringing the Rangana collection into your bedroom

Rangana bed sheets are great for a number of reasons. One, they are elegant looking, thus adding a touch of class to the bedroom. Two, they are available in a variety of colors, prints, and designs. So grabbing a set that looks amazing in your bedroom is easy with these designs. And if you are planning to have a fresh new look in your bedroom, then the Rangana bed sheets are the best pick for you. Now, whether you want to celebrate Indian Independence Day or simply want to decorate your room in an Indian style, buying these Indian bedsheets is the most sensible decision you can make for your bedroom. So why not grab one for your bed?

What is the SPACES Rangana Collection?

The bed linen designs in the SPACES Rangana collection are inspired by various Indian Culture and Art. These bedsheets are available in different colors, designs, and patterns. The collection consists of a variety of colors and designs, including:


Bring home the captivating Niyama collection, which takes its cues from the Thangka, a Nepalese painting in the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition. Enjoy the celebrations by adding a contemplative touch to your décor with ornate and vibrant motifs that represent tranquility and beauty.


The Pochampalli Ikat sarees with the "Double Ikat" design, in which the threads are dyed before weaving, are honoured in the Nalgona collection of bed sheets. Telangana's beautiful geometric motifs will brighten this holiday season.

Padma Priya

Padma Priya is an eclectic collection of bedsheets inspired by Orissa's Pipili Appliqué, a centuries-old decorative art style, and made of fabric patches embroidered in a variety of shapes and designs. The patterns combine to create a stunning collection that appeals to the tastes of art lovers seeking a captivating blend between heritage and modernity.


The Ektaal collection's motifs are inspired by Dhokra, a wax-metal casting art style that dates back to the prehistoric Mohanjodaro and Harappa civilizations. Stunning Bronze Age aesthetics centred on folk themes with human and animal shapes can spruce up your holiday décor.


Anish honours the mesmerising beauty of the Jaipur "Blue Pottery" technique, which is known for its vibrant colour scheme. Embrace the holiday season by adorning your bedroom's decor with bed sheets from the stunning Anish collection, which features intricate white flora and fauna themes.


The Debjani line of bedsheets features floral, animal, and geometric motifs that give the cloth a waved appearance and are inspired by Kantha, one of the earliest types of embroidered techniques employing running threads. This lovely collection of bed sheets is perfect for individuals wishing to liven up the festivities because it is typically worn during rituals like weddings and births.

100% Cotton Super King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,999
100% Cotton Super King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,999

The Rangana collection is available in multiple sizes like single bedsheets, double bed sheets, queen and large bedsheets, and even custom sizes to fit any bedroom.


These bed sheets are amazing and come with a unique style and design. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, making them a great buy for any Indian design lover out there. These bed sheets are made of the finest quality cotton, making them extremely soft and comfortable to sleep on. They are available in a variety of Indian designs, making them perfect for any modern Indian bedroom. They are light weighted and so easy to wash, making them a great buy for any Indian home. Now, there is no point in celebrating Indian Independence Day with a boring and plain-looking bed set. Get these designs and make your bedroom feel like a part of India! To get started on getting your bedsheets online, simply visit the SPACES website, choose your selection, keep an eye out for special offers and get them delivered to your doorstep!

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