Grab the best deals on Spaces’ bath range for Holi and Rang Panchami celebrations this year!

Grab the best deals on Spaces’ bath range for Holi and Rang Panchami celebrations this year!

A burst of colour in the air, a sudden dunking in cold water, hands applying gulaal on your face, and shouts of ‘Holi hai!’ to the accompaniment of sweets …Holi or Rang Panchami is one of the most exuberant festivals in India. But after the joy and merriment of the colourful celebration, you want to find the same amount of bliss while getting the colours and oils off your skin too! Rough and scratchy bath linen can be uncomfortable on your skin after it has gone through the motions of the festival. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a new set of bath linen that is soft to touch, highly absorbent and quick to dry.

The best towels this Holi

Bath linen is the most important component of your bathing space. It comprises everything from the bath towel you use to wipe your skin after a shower, to the bathrobe you wear after the bath. Hand towels and face towels for the washbasin area, and bathmats for the door, are also part of bath linen for the home.

The plushest, most absorbent bath linen makes for a happy bathing experience. Imagine wiping your skin repeatedly after the shower because the towel you’re using is not absorbent, and thus unable to wick away the excess moisture from your skin and hair. Or stepping on a bath mat that becomes squelchy from your feet or slippers, ending up with you leaving water tracks everywhere. Or using a hand towel after washing your hands, and your hands feeling clammy and wet. Bath linen must necessarily be highly absorbent to offer the most comfortable user experience. The plusher and more absorbent the bath linen, the better the feel and experience of every shower and hand washing ritual.

If you’re looking to buy new bath towels this season, you’re in luck because Spaces has a special range this Holi and Rang Panchami to add colour to your bath linen collection. From bath towels to quick dry towels and bath mats, Spaces brings the joy and colour of Holi into your home in the most extraordinary way.

The best bed linen from Spaces this Holi…

* Bath towels: Often the first item of bath linen most people buy, this Holi you can replace your existing stash with the Spaces towels range in fresh new colours and delightful new prices. Check out the best colours and high quality towels from the Day2Day Collection and the Welspun range.

* Hand towels: Every wash basin requires hand towels, and Spaces has just the right ones this Rang Panchami from its different collections such as Swift Dry, Day2Day and Colorfas. Buy quick dry towels in new colours like plum, cobalt blue, beige, grey, green, and pink, among many others.

* Face towels: Wipe your face clean after a gruelling workout session at the gym, or after you return home from a long day at work. You expect your face towel to pamper your delicate facial skin and rapidly absorb sweat and water – that’s exactly what the Spaces quick dry towels do. Rehaul your current stash of towels with the Spaces’ festive Holi celebrations offers.

* Turbies: Women with flowing hair want to keep it out of their faces after they’ve washed it and before they’ve blow-dry and styled it. A turbie – a towel wrapped like a turban around the wet hair – is most suited for the purpose. This Holi, Spaces has a new range of turbies in fresh new colours, a soft and absorbent 100% cotton finish and wonderfully low prices.

* Bath mats: Step on to a thick bath mat after your shower to dry the soles of your feet with the special Spaces Drylon and Day2Day collections. Offered in small to medium sizes, some of these are anti-skid for added safety.

What you can expect from the Spaces Holi celebrations bath linen offer…

Add colour to your bath linen closet with Spaces towels and bath accessories, with special pricing and a wide range of colours to choose from. Get 10% off on all bath products and HDFC card users get an extra 10% off for a cart value exceeding Rs 1,000.

Now go ahead and have a joyous Holi celebration – you can return to a long bath and the best bath linen to pamper your skin after the festivities.

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