5 Reasons Why You Need Bamboo Charcoal Bedsheets This Season

5 Reasons Why You Need Bamboo Charcoal Bedsheets This Season

Do you easily develop skin allergies from using your bedsheet in the monsoon? Does your bedsheet start to give off an unpleasant odour due to dampness? Do you have a regular bedsheet that keeps getting worse after every wash? Is the bedsheet difficult to maintain? There is a simple solution to all these issues – the bamboo charcoal quick-dry bedsheet. Read on to know about these bedsheets and 5 reasons why you need them this rainy season.

How is a Bamboo Charcoal Quick Dry Bedsheet Made?

A bamboo charcoal bedsheet is created in a unique way. Bamboo shoots are gathered and burnt at a high temperature, usually 800°C. As a result, they turn into charcoal. This charcoal is then processed and mixed with cloth fibres, and woven into fabric. The result is an ultra-comfortable bamboo cotton bedsheet.

Anti-microbial bamboo charcoal super king bedsheet @₹ 2,699

Anti-microbial bamboo charcoal super king bedsheet @₹ 2,699

5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Charcoal Quick Dry Bedsheets This Season

1.     Antimicrobial

Germs and microbes can breed on any surface. This can even include your bedsheet. So, what do you do? Buy yourself bamboo charcoal bedsheets. The unique process by which these bedsheets are created automatically makes the material antimicrobial. This is because charcoal comes with antimicrobial properties. Therefore, these bedsheets can prevent the growth of microbes and eliminate the risk of skin allergies.

Since bedsheets tend to easily get damp in the monsoons and provide an ideal breeding ground for germs, this is the right season to get a bamboo bedsheet.

2.     Odourless

This is another good reason to go for a bamboo charcoal bedsheet. It never gives out any unpleasant smell. Since a regular bedsheet can easily start smelling musty due to dampness in the rainy season, now is the time to bring home these odourless bedsheets.

3.     Durable

The material used in bamboo cotton bedsheets has a blend of charcoal and cotton. This lends durability to the bedsheet's fibres. As a result, you can be sure that the bedsheet will last longer in a good condition, rather than deteriorating over time. However, to ensure durability you must maintain the product well.

4.     Easy to Maintain

When it comes to the maintenance part, you need not put in too much effort to keep these bedsheets in good condition. As the name bamboo charcoal bedsheets suggests, they dry super-fast, thanks to the material. These bedsheets are also easy to wash and don't end up getting wrinkled.

When you shop for these bedsheets online, check out their care instructions on the product page. The instructions are simple and usually include:

  • Ironing on low heat
  • Refraining from bleaching and dry-cleaning
  • Washing at 40 degrees in m/c
  • Not washing with other fabrics
  • Tumble-drying at low

5.     Earthy Tones

When you buy bamboo bedsheets online, you can choose from a wide array of earthy designs, patterns and hues. As a result, the bedsheets give a natural vibe, and you may feel you are resting amid nature when you use these bedsheets. This can enhance your relaxation while sleeping. Plus, they look aesthetically pleasing. Tones of brown can easily complement most colours of décor and blend seamlessly with the other furniture in your bedroom.

Bamboo Charcoal King Size Bedsheet with 2 Pillow covers @₹ 2,699

If you shop for bamboo charcoal bedsheets online, you can also access several added benefits. For instance, you can get discounted prices and enjoy 3 interest-free payments by using the Zest app. You can also avail of additional discounts when you shop at SPACES using HDFC cards. If needed, you can also avail easy returns within 30 days of the date of purchase. Don't forget to read all the specifications before placing your order. That way, you can shop with peace of mind.

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