Winter Is Here! Here's Why You Should Get Temperature-Regulating Bed Linen This Season

Winter Is Here! Here's Why You Should Get Temperature-Regulating Bed Linen This Season

With the chilly winter season already setting in, you must be on the lookout for the best winter bedding. A warm bedsheet for winter is all that you require to avoid spending a cold winter night tossing and turning in your bed. So, it’s time to buy your to-be-favourite winter blanket and winter bedsheet. When purchasing bed linen, it is important that you be doubly careful with regard to the quality and material. This is because bedsheets and other bed linen online will have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep and how well you can breathe throughout the night. Most people neglect this aspect while choosing their bed sheets online with unfavorable results. Hence, you should always have a basic checklist in place before investing in quality bed linen. 

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that buying a bedsheet for winter is not easy. When it comes to bed sheets, you should probably be careful about the material. You can go for top brands which offer cotton bedsheets for higher comfort and usability alike. One of the biggest features that has come into play recently is temperature regulation. You will learn more about this feature below, once you take a closer look at some of the most cutting-edge and pioneering products presently available in this space. This feature has certainly changed the game with regard to staying comfortable, particularly during the chilly winters. However, with so many different fabrics, thread counts, and bedding technologies to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Let's look at the issue in more detail.

Earthy Tones 100% Cotton Single Dohar @ ₹ 1399
Choose the Best Winter Bedsheet

When it comes to choosing a bedsheet, considering thread count and fabric only gets you so far. You must look for bedding with novel technologies like temperature regulation and air purification in home lines. Our recommendation of what you should get from SPACES is:

Season Best Light Blue Floral Double Bed Sheet @ ₹ 799

Hygro Temperature Regulating King Bedsheet

Bring home the SPACES HygroCotton temperature bedding to experience the ultimate relaxing experience. The range of temperature control sheets from SPACES is made using the finest fabric. The soft and breathable temperature regulating bedding from SPACES is made from 100% cotton using a patented spinning technology.

The hygro temperature-regulating bedsheet is made for exclusive sleeping pleasure. The temperature-regulating sheets range adjusts their temperature to the ambient temperature to offer you a bliss-filled sleep experience. Order the temperature-regulating bed linen beauty now. You can also buy a temperature-regulating duvet and comforter.

Hygro Temperature Regulating King Bedsheet @ ₹ 4995
Consider these parameters as well while buying a bedsheet
The thread counts of bed sheets:

The number of threads is an important parameter that can help you buy excellent bed sheets. The thread count of a sheet is the total of the number of threads per inch, lengthwise and widthwise. For example, the thread count of your bed sheet is 400 if it has 200 lines, each lengthwise and breadthwise. The greater the thread count, the better the sheets.

Fabric of bedsheet

Fabric is another vital aspect of a good bed sheet. Choosing the right winter bedding material is as important as finding the perfect summer clothes.

Here are three of the most popular winter fabric choices for bedding you must consider:

  • Cotton: It's usual to layer up in the winter. But if you are someone who gets overheated while sleeping, cotton is your best friend. Like linen and bamboo, cotton is recognised for its moisture-wicking properties. And so, it is an excellent choice for regulating your body temperature while sleeping. Both Hygro temperature regulating bedsheet collection and air purifying collection from SPACES use 100% cotton as their fabric.
  • Silk: Silk may appear to be an unusual option for winter, but it is not. Despite its reputation as a luxurious, thin fabric, it retains heat, making it a pleasant material for curling up with on a chilly winter's eve.
  • Fleece: Fleece is the warmest of the lot. It is a combination of flannel and blanket and offers total comfort and warmth. You can buy double bed Fleece winter blankets from SPACES.
How Long Does the Winter Blanket and Bed Sheets Last?

How long would the home linen endure is one big issue that is commonly questioned. The lifetime of your beddings, blankets, or duvet covers is determined by how you wash and care for them. When washed too often with overly hot water, the home linen fibres are bound to get fragile and break down. So instead, to improve their longevity, wash them in warm water without using fabric softeners.

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Buy The Finest Winter Bed Sheets Online at

For a good night's sleep this winter, update your sleeping arrangements.  SPACES has you covered whether you want to get temperature sheets or air purifying collection bed sheets.

Do temperature regulating sheets work?

These are newer innovations that have taken the mainstream bedding industry by storm over the last few years. While there are several reputed brands offering these bedsheets, many have raised questions on whether they actually work or not. But the answer is yes, they do actually work nicely in winters and other seasons, keeping you warmer and more insulated in colder climes, while also ensuring a cooler feeling during summers at the same time.

What are the best bedsheets for temperature regulation?

There are several choices available in terms of bedsheets for ensuring suitable temperature regulation and enhanced comfort. However, cotton is generally considered to be the most favourable material for creating these bedsheets.

What are the coldest types of bedsheets?

In most cases, cotton is considered breathable, cool, and lightweight as a fabric. Hence, it can ensure a cooler feeling during summer. Other types of fabrics which are also known for their coolness include linen and bamboo, among others. However, cotton is still considered the best possible choice for sleepers during summer and is one of the airiest materials available.


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