SPACES Combo Offers

SPACES Combo Offers

The festival season has begun in India, bringing with it feelings of warmth, generosity and of course, gift-giving! Every year, people take advantage of these festivities to shower the people they love with gifts that brighten their life. With the winter cold making its way to us, now is the best time to share some warmth, cosiness and overall happiness with the best in bed linen combo offers. So, bring a fresh, new look to the home decor of your loved ones by gifting them a bath towel set or bedsheet combo, that promotes top-tier bath and sleep hygiene.

Being an avid promoter of thoughtful living, SPACES has curated a list of best-selling combo offers for this season.


The style quotient of your bedroom automatically increases when you opt for the attractive and colorful designs from Spaces Atrium Collection. You can get a wide range of everyday bedsheets that are soft, cozy, and made from 100% cotton, for complete comfort and increased sleep hygiene. These ultra-breathable and comfortable bed sheets are completely safe for skin as no harsh dyes and chemicals are used in their manufacturing process.

Quik Dry

Make bathtime even better with these 100% cotton towels that are super absorbent and display rapid drying capabilities. The Spaces Quick Dry Towel collection is designed for everyday use, when we’re working around a busy and fast paced schedule. So while life outside can get rough, these towels are there to keep you comfortable! These highly-durable towels retain their soft texture even after multiple washes. They are available in a range of classic colours that can easily match the vibe of any home, making them the perfect choice for daily use


The Spaces Day2Day towel set is a terry cloth towel collection featuring qualities that make it the perfect everyday essential. They are quick to absorb moisture, feel soft against your skin and are easier to care for compared to other regular terry towels. While this makes them a great choice in the bathroom for a quick shower, their compact size also makes them the ultimate travel or picnic companion.


The SPACES Cloudz collection features ultra-soft unisex bathrobes that can be enjoyed by all. Their high-absorbency and soft texture makes you feel pampered every time you slip it on after your bath. It is available in a variety of dazzling colors, so you can buy the one that matches your bathroom decor best. Its lightweight also makes it an ideal travel companion, so you never stop being comfortable, no matter where you are

Bedsheet Combo Offers

You can never get enough of bedsheets! They make an excellent choice of gift for all occasions, since this is a product we use our entire life. Ideally, you want to use cotton bedsheets because of their moisture-absorption and softness that increases with every wash. SPACES has a wide selection of 100% cotton bedsheets, in a variety of colours and patterns including Geometric, Ornate And Floral designs. There are different bedsheet combo offers available on the SPACES website (Gifting Combo Section). These include:

  • Double bed sheets combo offer
  • King size bed sheets combo offer
  • Single bed sheets combo offer
  • Cotton bedsheets combo offer

Bath Linen Combo Offers

Living luxuriously is incomplete without a soft and absorbent bath linen set. Everything feels better after a long day when you’re wrapped in a fluffy towel or a cosy bathrobe after taking a bath. Towel set is one of the most popular gifting options at SPACES. The bath towel set contains some of the finest selections of towels available here, and contains a multitude of properties. These include high absorbency, durability, easy care instructions and more. To make your gift towel set even better, combine it with the SPACES Cloudz Unisex bathrobe. Available in a variety of bright and beautiful colours, this range of bathrobes is lightweight, colour-smart and designed to provide maximum comfort.

There are currently different towel gift set and bathrobe combos available on the SPACES website (Gifting Combo Section). These include:

  • Bath towel and face towel set
  • Bath towel and bathrobe combo
  • Bath towel and face towel set
  • Bath towel and hand towel set
  • Bathrobe combo
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