Pamper Your Brother This Bhai Dooj With These Cozy Comforts!

Come Diwali, and the very air is charged with an electric energy full of hope and good cheer. The festival heralds new beginnings and is a time for much celebration.

Celebrate Bhai Dooj with SPACES
Celebrate Bhai Dooj with SPACES

Diwali brings with it the perfect opportunity to show love and appreciation for our loved ones. It also comprises the special occasion of Bhai Dooj, or Bhaubij, when brothers and sisters celebrate their special bond. It’s a day of gifting and eating delicious sweets. But it can become a little exhausting trying to think up bhai dooj gift for brother every year. This year, we’re helping you out: buy him a set of stunning Spaces bedsheets. It will the most thoughtful gift you could ever give him. Read on to know why.

The most special Bhai Dooj Gift: Exclusive Bed Linen

Every person has a bed at home and everybody requires bedsheets to snap on over the mattress. But not many people are invested in adorning their beds with luxury cotton bedsheets. They buy the first bedsheets they can find in a single or double size, and use them for years. However, a great looking pair of luxury cotton bedsheets can make a significant difference to how the bed and the bedroom looks.

Leaf through the pages of interior decoration magazines or online articles about the rich and famous giving a sneak peek into their homes, and you will find that the beds are always impeccably made up with fine quality bed linen. Now before you say, ‘Luxury bed linen is expensive and only wealthy people can afford to buy it,’ let us disabuse you of that notion. If you wish to buy bedsheets for Diwali from a premium brand like Spaces, not only will you find the most regal collections online but you will also be stunned to know how pocket-friendly they are.

Rangana Anish Large Bedsheets (Ornate, 274cm X 274cm) – Beige @ ₹ 2499
Rangana Anish Large Bedsheets (Ornate, 274cm X 274cm) – Beige @ ₹ 2499

Apart from buying quality bed linen as a Diwali gift for yourself, you can consider a wonderful bhaubij gift for your brother from Spaces’ exclusive bedsheets from the Rangana Collection.

These are among the most sought-after bed linen pieces in India today, amalgamating the richness of Indian traditions and various cultural motifs with its sub-collections such as the Niyama (embodying Tibetan peace and philosophy), Nalgona (double Ikat patterns paying homage to Pochampalli), Padma Priya (inspired by the Pipili applique art form of Orissa), Ektaal (inspired by the wax-metal casting art of Harappa and Mohenjodaro), Anish (celebrating Jaipur’s ‘blue pottery’ technique in bright colours) and Debjani (using the Kantha embroidery craft) collections. Each features something unique that will please every taste, with fresh colours and designs to gladden every heart.

You should also browse through the Spaces CO2 Collection of bedsheets as a gift for Bhai Dooj. This is a revolutionary collection to keep your brother safe as he sleeps – the bedsheets absorb atmospheric greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide and various Nitrogen Oxides and neutralise them into harmless matter.

Thus, the user breathes in purer air while they sleep. This bedsheet collection is inspired by organic palettes from wild weeds and grassy meadows, among other motifs.

Geostance Air Purifying 100% Cotton Single Bedsheets (Geometric, 152cm X 224cm) - Dark Green @ ₹ 999
Geostance Air Purifying 100% Cotton Single Bedsheets (Geometric, 152cm X 224cm) - Dark Green @ ₹ 999

Who says men don’t appreciate the finer things in life? Gift your brother bed linen from these collections and watch his eyes light up!

If it’s bedsheets, it’s got to be SPACES

Spaces is one of India’s foremost names in the bed and bath linen space, with decades of enduring products featuring the best colours, fabrics and designs. This Diwali, you can browse through our vast collection of bedsheets, matching pillow covers, comforter, dohar, bedside runners, bath and face towels, and so much more, for yourself and your loved ones. We have the ideal gifts for Bhai Dooj and every festive occasion you can think of.

Apart from the Rangana and CO2 collections, Spaces features other special bhaubij gifts for your brother in the bedsheet range, such as anti-viral bedsheets, bamboo charcoal bedsheets, and so on. Each of these makes a thoughtful Diwali gift for him, as well as friends. Besides, they all carry the Spaces guarantee of unique colours and designs, longevity, the softest cotton fabrics and the best price points. 

So if you’re celebrating Bhai Dooj, let SPACES join you in the festivities!
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