Winter is Coming: How to Prep Your Bedroom for the Chilly Months?

Winter is Coming: How to Prep Your Bedroom for the Chilly Months?

In the western and northern parts of India, winter generally starts in November. However, owing to heavy rainfall and weather changes, temperatures in several hill stations have fallen drastically.

With cooler weather and shorter days on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your bedroom cosier. The ideal bedroom is one that feels restful, serene, and welcoming, regardless of the time of year. While summer may bring a cascade of ivy trailing up the walls and springtime flowers in vases scattered around the room. However, when autumn comes knocking in the form of darkening skies and chilling nights, we need to plan ahead by making our bedroom as cozy as possible.

The best way to achieve this is by exploring ways you can prep your bedroom for the chilly months ahead. With this in mind, here are some ideas for putting your bedroom into the ideal hibernation hub until spring once again rolls around:

Choose Quilts for a Harsh Winter

A quilt comprises three layers that are stitched together. A layer of wadding or batting with filling material like wool or cotton is used between the top and bottom layers. You can choose quality quilts online that are made of a triple layer of muslin cotton. This material blocks the cold and helps keep your body warm in winter so you can sleep comfortably. Quilts are not as thick as bed comforters. So, you can easily use them during the early winter months. If you wish to buy quilts online in India, opt for ones made of hygro cotton, which is both soft and safe for the skin. For more warmth, you can choose temperature-regulating quilts. To keep away germs, consider antimicrobial products created with bamboo charcoal.

Use Comforters for the Coolest Months

As it gets colder, consider switching to comforter blankets. Comforters come with more filling material, which makes them warmer and fluffier than quilts. They can help you get good sleep even if you live in hilly regions. Go for products made of soft cotton. Depending on the size of your bed, you can choose between single and double comforters. If you wish to tuck in your little ones to sleep, opt for kids' comforters. These are made with extra soft fabric, keeping in mind the special needs of children. Worried that blankets tend to get damp and turn into a breeding ground for germs? In that case, buy comforters online that have the all-important antibacterial feature. If you wish your bed to have a harmonious look with matching accessories, consider comforter sets. Choose reversible products to make the most of them!

Create a Cosy Haven with Curtains

Don't forget your curtains when prepping your bedroom for winter. Choose ones that have warm shades to create a cosy vibe. As for the material, consider velvet or satin, as this adds to the warmth of the curtains. They also create a luxurious ambiance with their elegant appeal. Pick the right design based on your interior décor and choose sustainable premium products. A leading website would even allow you to customise the curtain you want, based on variant, print, texture, pleat option, lining option and size. So, you can mention your preferences to get a custom product.

Invest in Bedside Runners

Bedside runners don't just absorb the dust and dirt under your feet before you jump on the bed. They also provide a warm and soft surface to land your feet on after you leave your bed. This is especially helpful in winter since you can easily catch a chill if your feet come into direct contact with the cold floor. To prevent the risk of slip hazards, opt for anti-skid runners.

Revamp the Walls

Why leave the walls when making your bedroom winter-friendly? Just like curtains, you can choose wallpapers that come in warm colours to give off a cosy appeal. If you wish, you can also choose them in hues that match or contrast your comforter sets. You can even choose prints and patterns that complement those of the curtains. This will add to the harmony of your bedroom.

Consider Warm Interior Lighting

Add warm lights strategically in your bedroom to illuminate the natural décor like wooden floors and create a warm appeal. This can help create a cosier vibe in winter.

Equip the Bedroom with a Heater

A heater can go hand in hand with your quilt and comforter to help you sleep with warmth and comfort. If you live in a cold place, bringing in a heater is very helpful to sleep well in winter.

Wait no longer and buy quality comforters and quilts online in India to adorn your bedroom for winter 2022. Also, invest in other elements that can add to the warmth of your space. All of us deserve restful sleep even during seasonal changes. Ensure the same for yourself and your family.

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