What To Gift A House That Welcomes Lord Ganesh Home: The Best In Bed & Bath Linen

What To Gift A House That Welcomes Lord Ganesh Home: The Best In Bed & Bath Linen

It’s that time of the year again when we welcome the most beloved Lord Ganesh home into our homes. The feeling of enthusiasm, joy and a sense of community is rising with every passing day as Ganesh Chaturthi comes closer. Cleaning and decorations are being done in full-swing, especially in those homes that are preparing to host Lord Ganesh. Exchanging gifts is symbolic of the good cheer associated with this celebration and to help you with this, we have curated a selection of premium products, that would be the star of any gift hamper!

Bed Linen

Vibrant Bed Sheets

The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi should be celebrated with an explosion of vibrant colours. And what better way to start than to gift a selection of bed sheets to the hosts! At SPACES, you can find a wide variety of bed sheets in bright colours and beautiful patterns. You can choose from collections like Hygro Cotton, Atrium, Regalis and more, which feature bed sheets in a dazzling array of ethnic prints. You can even get fitted bed sheets for your hosts, as these are more convenient to use, or choose from the Antiviral and Antibacterial collections, as they safeguard you from harmful microbes while sleeping.

If you want to add a pinch of traditional art to enrich your Ganesh Chaturthi gifts, the Rangana Collection by SPACES is an ideal choice! The bedsheets in this collection are statement pieces that take inspiration from rich folk styles from all over India, ranging from Telangana to Orissa, Jaipur, and even to Harappa and Nepal, among others. Gift your loved ones these aesthetically pleasing bedsheets made of the finest cotton and available in a variety of colours and designs!

If folk art is not your style, then you can check out the newly announced Ritu Kumar collection of Bedsheets. They take inspiration from refined Indian and International designs, and you can find plenty of variety to choose from. Some of their bespoke collections include Jal Mahal, Turq Villa and Flora.

Comforters and Dohars

As we start transitioning from the monsoon season to winter, the weather starts to become colder. That is why comforters and dohars are an excellent gift for those who are sharing the warmth of their home with Lord Ganesh. Comforters are available in a variety of styles, like the Hygro temperature regulating collection, organic cotton skin safe collection and the Antiviral essential collection. You can also gift dohars, which are made by layering pieces of muslin cloth on top of each other. These are breathable blankets that regulate the temperature according to the weather. Dohars are available in single and double size and have cheerful prints that lift the mood. You explore the range of dohars at SPACES, which include the Earthy Tones collection, Essentials Cambric collection, Welspun Soft and Reversible collection, kids collection and more, to find the finest gifting solutions for your hosts.

A new addition to these collections is the Ritu Kumar collection, which has elegant and regal designs inspired by Mughal Arts (Turq Villa), Kashmiri Traditions (Jaamevar), Anglo-European Styles (Flora) and more. They carry large motifs and are made from quality cotton. The comforters from this collection can be classy and timeless gifts this Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Welcoming Door Mats

If the welcome is great, the visit is even better! Door mats are the first item that someone interacts with while entering a house. That is why at SPACES, we have a collection of door mats that make you want to step in even more! Explore our range of door mats that are so soft, you’ll think you’re walking on clouds when you walk across them. You can choose from the Atrium collection, Allure collection and Spaces Easy Care collection, to find the finest door mats for gifting.


Welcoming Lord Ganesh home means inviting many guests, who will need basic toiletries like hand towels, making this category a favourite among gifting options. At SPACES, you can choose from a variety of curated selections that feature towels with fast drying properties. The Atrium collection also features towel sets, making them a great choice for a gift. For hosts that have children, you can explore the kids range of towels that cover everything from superheroes and minions to princesses. Finally, for those who value luxury, jacquard towels from the Ritu Kumar collection are the latest offering by SPACES, designed by the well-known designer Ritu Kumar and carrying her trademark aesthetics inspired by royal arts from all over India. 

Rugs, Cushion Covers and More

Finally, no Indian Festival is complete without the sprucing up of your living room, and what better to enhance the look and feel of the space than Rugs, Cushion Covers, Mats and Napkins inspired by traditional handcrafted cotton designs? India has been one of the most famous places to buy rugs and carpets throughout history, and the Spun collection by SPACES aims to continue that legacy. You can get a host of products for your living room, made up of 100% cotton and adorning various Indian designs. They come in a range of colours, so there are plenty of options for all!


Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, and as far as gifting is concerned, SPACES has you covered. You can choose from a variety of products made from the best materials and crafted with the care and thoughtfulness that makes them the best gifting choices this festive season. Whatever your taste, you will find something at SPACES for sure!


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