Tips to Buy the Right Bedsheet for Your New Bedroom

Tips to Buy the Right Bedsheet for Your New Bedroom

Are you planning to change the look and feel of your bedroom by renovating it? If yes, then buying new furniture, bedding, or curtains can be a great idea. The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any room. After all, we spend about a third of our lives in bed. Hence, it is essential for you to buy the right type of bed that enhances the beauty of your room.

Whether you are buying a new bed or upgrading your old one with new features like storage drawers or automated headboard; there are many things to keep in mind while choosing new bedsheets. The right bedsheets can completely transform your bedroom and give it an entirely new look and feel. However, it’s not as simple as finding something that looks good. There are many other factors that need to be considered before buying a bedsheet such as material, colour combination, pattern and offers among others.

Consider the Aesthetics of Your Bedroom

Pay attention to the colours of the paint or wallpaper of your bedroom and its interior décor. This is an important factor in deciding the bedsheet design and shade you choose. You can choose a colour that blends or contrasts with the dominant hue of the walls. If the décor is traditional, you can choose ethnic bedsheets. If there are nature-inspired elements in the room, pick floral bedsheets. If the bedroom has a contemporary or modern look, go for solid, geometric or abstract bedsheets. The idea is to create harmony and enhance the overall look of your bedroom.

Note the Size of Your Bed

Depending on the size of your bed, you can buy a large, double or single bedsheet online. To be doubly sure, you can measure the length and breadth of your bed and tally this with the dimensions of the selected bedsheet on the product page. This can give you a better idea of how well the chosen product will fit your bed. This is important because you’d want the sheet to tuck in well under the mattress to give your bed a neat look.

Measure Your Mattress

Don't forget the mattress when you are taking measurements. Premium mattresses with modern technology and added comfort come with extra layers of padding. Your bedsheet must cover the entire thickness of the mattress. You may even need a large bedsheet to cover a super-thick mattress on a double bed. So, measure the thickness of the mattress along with its length and breadth. Then choose a product with suitable dimensions. Alternatively, you can buy a fitted bedsheet. Usually, its sides and corners are lined with elastic to prevent the sheet from moving even when you toss and turn in your sleep. You can wake up to a properly fitted and neater looking bed.

Pay Attention to the Fabric

Fabric is an important factor to consider when buying a bedsheet. Whether you purchase a single or double bedsheet, cotton ones are the most preferred. Choosing 100% pure cotton bedsheets can benefit you in many ways. Since cotton is a breathable fabric, it allows optimum air circulation when you sleep, so you won't sweat through the night. Cotton is also soft to touch and, therefore, very comfortable. Moreover, since pure cotton suits almost all skin types, you can prevent a skin reaction by using linens made of this material.

Make Quality a Priority

It's always a good idea to pay attention to quality. Modern bedsheets are made of 100% pure cotton, a high thread count for softness and durability, and advanced technology like anti-bacterial properties. They belong to the premium bedsheet brand category, like what is offered by Spaces, which commits to delivering quality bed linens. It's wise to choose a trustworthy brand that offers sustainable products. To know about the special features of the bedsheet you choose, read the product description carefully, including the specifications.

Check Shopping Perks

Whether you shop for bedsheets, bed covers or other linens online, check the available shopping benefits. For instance, see whether you can pay for a premium bedsheet in small instalments for your convenience. Also, check the return policy. A leading brand allows products to be returned within 30 days of buying them. They also have running offers and discounts on top quality bedsheets from their collection. Avail these perks by shopping from a reputed website for bed linens.

Don’t Ignore the Care Instructions

A good website provides instructions to take care of the bedsheet you buy. You can check them out on the product page. Care instructions for cotton bedsheets can include:

  • Machine washing
  • Using iron on low heat
  • Avoiding bleaching and dry cleaning
  • Tumble-drying at low
  • Washing separately

Choose a reputed brand like Spaces, which offers bedsheets made of top-quality material to make it comfortable and durable. You can shop for bedsheets based on colour, size, pattern and other factors. Under sizes, you can find fitted, large, double and single bedsheets online. Under pattern, you can explore floral, solid, geometric, abstract, ethnic and kids' bedsheets. All of them are made of 100% pure cotton and some even have anti-microbial features. Tick off all these factors to buy the best bedsheet for your new bedroom.

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