Prepare For Winter with These Easy Steps!

Prepare For Winter with These Easy Steps!

The winter season is a romantic, cheerful one. But cold nights can disturb your sleep and make you irritable the next day. Preparing your bedroom for the winter is all about getting the bed ready for a long night of deep sleep, rest and rejuvenation. to help you get prepared, here’s a list of must do’s in the winter season

Get New Dohars And Duvet Covers

If your residence is located in a pleasantly cool to cold region of the country, then a dohar blanket is the best for you. Dohars are wonderful articles of bed linen to keep you comfortably draped and warm even on cold nights. They are not too thick and heavy, and they adopt the contours of your body without clinging. Besides, being made entirely of cotton, they never overheat so you will never be faced with a situation where you are sweaty inside the dohar blanket while the temperature is cold outside. You can find 100% cotton dohars on the SPACES website, in collections like Earthy Tones, Kids and others.  If you feel that the dohar needs a little bit more warmth, top it with a duvet cover. Get duvet covers with temperature regulating properties from the Hygro Cotton collection.

A Comforter Set Is Great When It’s Too Cold

Some areas of the country routinely experience temperatures below 5⁰C every winter. This kind of cold weather can freeze the bedding before you go to bed, making the prospect of going to bed quite an unappealing one. But if you have a thick and plush comforter in your bed, then falling asleep will be a breeze because you will be toasty and comfortable inside it. The comforter often has more warmth than a dohar, since it is thicker and made of heat insulating down feathers or silk fibres to trap body heat. Buy a lovely new comforter set this winter and say goodbye to broken sleep and bouts of shivering that you’ve faced over the years when the weather turns.

Cover Your Bedsheets Before You Sleep

If the weather turns exceptionally cold, your bedsheets might become so frosty that it might feel like you are laying down on a sheet of ice instead of a mattress. Here’s an easy tip to follow this winter to warm your bed preparatory to sleeping in it: place a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed and cover the entire mattress with a double comforter from the Solesto Hygro or the Occasions Stain Release collection. Keep the windows shut so that no cold air blows in and settles on the bed or comforter. When you’re about to hit the sack, open the windows and step into bed to find the mattress warm and welcoming.

Cotton Anti-Viral Sheets Are Best

The winter season brings in a lot of seasonal flus, coughs, colds and allergy flare-ups. Even the novel Coronavirus has not left the country yet. All of these illnesses are transferred to your body via the nose, eyes and mouth, by way of infectious germs and microbes lurking on common surfaces in the home. An unknown culprit for most infectious illnesses is your bedding – it harbours all these disease-causing microbes that enter your system as you sleep. This is why our elders insist on stripping the bed and washing the bed linen after a person has recovered from an illness. This winter, save yourself and your loved ones from infections and illnesses by buying anti-viral cotton bedsheets from Spaces. They kill over 99% of infectious viruses and germs and protect you as you sleep.

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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