Don't Worry About Your Diwali Gift List. We've Got You Covered!

Don't Worry About Your Diwali Gift List. We've Got You Covered!

Diwali is the festival of lights, new beginnings, love and hope. It is celebrated every year with gusto all over the country, and it is a time for gifting loved ones and receiving presents in return.

You decide to get your Diwali shopping out of the way even as you munch on delicious goodies – but are stuck because you hardly have any good ideas for Diwali gift items. It can be a little frustrating not knowing what to do despite the sheer variety of gifting options around you.

This season, you can buy all your Diwali gifts online and have them dispatched to your friends and family members’ addresses. But are you hampered by lack of ideas? We’ve got a few handy suggestions:

Exclusive Gifting Collections:

The first thing you think of when Diwali comes around is the celebrations. Parties with your family, visiting your beloved friends, and most importantly, finding the right presents! We know it can be difficult to find the perfect gift that toes the line between beauty and practicality. That is why we highly recommend the Rangana Collection, Ritu Kumar Collection and the Spun Collection, exclusively available at SPACES.

Rangana is a special festive collection launched by SPACES which puts a spotlight on the rich design history India has to offer while maintaining a focus on sustainability. This collection of double bed sheets features stunning motifs inspired by Indian weaving classics like Ikat, Kantha embroidery, Dhokra aesthetics and more. Every year, this collection has something new to offer and is created using leftover imported fabric, so nothing goes waste. This makes the Rangana collection a fine addition to every linen closet, and a great gift for the festive season! 

As you must know, Ritu Kumar is one of India’s top designers whose aesthetic sensibilities and immense attention to detail make her exquisite creations highly coveted. This curated selection of bedsheets, comforters, quilts and towels covers a vast range of designs inspired by the wonders of India in the past. And the perfect cherry on top of this collection is that it is packaged to look like the gift it is! No extra packaging necessary.

Speaking of sustainability, the SPACES Spun collection is another treasure trove of possible gifts that are manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes. Another advantage of buying gifts for your loved ones from this collection is that you help empower the women and communities that were affected during the Bhuj earthquake. Age-old techniques breathe life into contemporary designs in this selection of table mats, cushion covers, rugs, scarves and coasters in this collection of handcrafted delights; making Spun products a thoughtful and useful gift for all!


Bedsheets are the perfect gift to give friends and family members. In fact, they constitute some of the most thoughtful Diwali gifts for family and friends alike. One of the most useful Diwali gifts, bedsheets are in demand in every household and as a gifting option, they never go out of style.

You can pick from Spaces’ wide range of bedsheets for Diwali, from its celebrated Rangana range to the anti-viral variants, and from the bamboo charcoal sheets to the air purifying ones. Spaces has revolutionised bed sheet design with different kinds of cotton bedsheets for Diwali and other festive occasions – these not only serve their purpose by adorning your bed, but they also protect you while you sleep.

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Every person should have a warm and cosy comforter. It is one of the best Diwali gift ideas, since the season ushers in the cold winter. A comforter is a thick and plush blanket that is useful in cold weather. It is available in both single and double sizes.

When buying comforters as a Diwali gift for family and friends, do ensure that you buy the right size for the intended giftees. Some people prefer to have their single comforter despite sleeping in a double bed with their partner, while some couples like to share a blanket. Single people and small children can use single sized comforters.

Just like with its bedsheet range, SPACES has anti-viral and air-purifying variants in its comforters, too.


Dohars are a thinner, more uniquely Indian version of comforters. They are made of 100% cotton and can be used all year. Simple to look at and making a smaller fold than comforters and quilt, dohar offer practical bedding solutions and can be carried during your travel, too.

We suggest picking up dohars this season as a Diwali gift for yourself as well as your loved ones. Spaces has dohars in superb ethnic and other prints, and a variety of colours. Like its comforters, Spaces dohars are available in single and double sizes.

Bath linen

Every home requires bath linen, and gifting somebody you know well with the season’s best bath linen is a great Diwali gift. If you are buying Diwali gifts online, we suggest browsing through Spaces’ range of bath towels, hand towels, face towels and gym towels.

Towels are a useful Diwali gift for homemakers, fitness enthusiasts who would appreciate gym towels, and even your house help. Always pick thick cotton towels from Spaces for the best experience – they are highly absorbent, quick drying, and do not lose their colour or fabric integrity for years. You can even buy Spaces bath robes as a Diwali gift item.


Rugs are a perfect Diwali gift – they elevate the look of the room they are in, and they protect the floor from dust, sunlight exposure and dirt from footwear. They define one space from another with a clear demarcation, or focus attention on a particular part of the floor.

You can gift area rugs or bedside runners as a useful Diwali gift for those who have just done a home renovation, or moved into a new house, for example. It is the best Diwali home décor gift for senior citizens, too.

Do check out Spaces’ gift combo packs and combo offers especially crafted for your friends and family members. Have a very happy Diwali and a prosperous year ahead!


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