Crafted for luxurious living, Experience the superpowers of Hygro Cotton.

Introducing Hygro Cotton pillows SPACES is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to perfecting bed linen. Innovation plays an essential role when crafting thoughtful home decor. With Bamboo charcoal, Breatheasy, Easy-Stain release and Hygro cotton line of products, SPACES redefines the role of bed linen in our lives. Home linen can create a positive impact on your health and lifestyle.The latest addition to the SPACES family is a testament to this. Introducing the Hygro Cotton pillows. Crafted with Hygro cotton, these pillows are perfect for all seasons. What is Hygro Cotton? SPACES combined technology, comfort and design to elevate your most important space - home. Hygro Cotton is a special type of cotton which was created with that in mind. Unlike regular cotton, hygro cotton uses a hollow core cotton yarn. What’s the difference? This difference in technique, makes hygro cotton ultra-plush and ultra-absorbent. Not to mention, it becomes more fluffier after every wash! That’s because hollow core cotton yarn blooms during the washing process. Why choose Hygro Cotton pillows? Because of its plush feel, hygro cotton pillows can feel as luxurious as the pillows you find in hotels. Hygro cotton pillows also have a few superpowers that you wouldn’t find in regular pillows. Hygro Cotton Pillow Superpowers Luxury hygro has sophisticated superpowers. Firstly, it wicks away moisture from your body which creates a comfort zone for relaxed sleep. With no extra moisture, you wake up feeling refreshed. Secondly, it regulates your temperature. The hollow core cotton yarn is spun in a precise manner so that it traps or releases heat based on the weather. In winters, hygro cotton pillows are slightly warmer than the rest of your linen, which gives a feeling of comfort. And in the summer, you won’t be scrambling to find the cool side of the pillow, because both sides of the pillow are cooler than the rest of your linen! Lastly, these pillows have a fine microfiber fill inside, so it feels like you are resting your head on a cloud!
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