Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your Winter Bed Linen

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your Winter Bed Linen

Having comfortable bedding sets is not just a winter requirement. They have become an essential part of enhancing the aesthetics of bedroom decor and, thus, an indispensable part of a modern lifestyle. Not only in the hospitality industry, but more and more people are incorporating new ideas to coordinate their bedding with the rest of their home's decor. A chic winter bedding set-up adds a much-needed edge to the appeal of the space, in addition to the warmth it offers users. The right bedding can make a big difference in the overall vibe of the room. Because, let’s be honest, a person’s choice in home decor directly reflects their personal aesthetics. 

From bed sheets to comforters, quilts, pillow cases, and curtains, there are so many things that you can choose to put together to design a beautiful and warm space in your bedroom. But nothing can do what the top layer of your bed can do. It can change the entire look of your bedroom. When it comes to your bedroom and bedding, a suitable top layer on your mattress can change the entire game. You can even opt for attractive blankets online to jazz up your bedroom in this regard.

After all, the importance of getting good sleep cannot be underestimated. Good winter bedding or bed linen is a must for ensuring a healthier and happier sleeping experience above everything else. In this context, it should also be stated that winters are when quality bed linen becomes even more essential. This is because winters are when the absence of winds and rain leads to higher pollutions and allergens. Many of these can also get into your immediate sleeping environment, thereby causing several issues and discomfort while sleeping. Only when you have premier linen at hand, can you expect more comfortable sleeping experiences along with higher breathability in turn. Proper bed linen will go a long way towards ensuring superior levels of warmth, insulation, and enhanced comfort above everything else. They are essential from a health and hygiene standpoint. Hence, you should not neglect this aspect, particularly in winters.


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This is because the direct impact of bed linen is on the quality of sleep. Getting good sleep is imperative to remain healthy. Not sleeping well or enough may lead to several serious health issues and ailments. People can also witness a slump in their energy levels and persistent fatigue and tiredness, leading to lower productivity, issues with alertness, and several errors. It may also lead to poor mood overall. While you may be doing everything in your power to lead a healthier life, the missing link here is probably your bed linen. Hence, buying the right bedsheets online or a bed set for winter assumes more importance.

The types of bedding products and linen that you purchase influence the quality of your sleep. Good quality fabrics help you breathe better, while getting comfortable sleep every night without any hassles. The choice of fabric and material is up to your own preferences. However, whatever the season, going for superior fabric quality is an essential part of maintaining the best sleep hygiene. Your pillows, blankets, mattresses, bedsheets, and other bed linen have a direct role to play in your wellbeing. They contribute towards keeping you warm, comfortable, and allergen-free. All these facets combine to help you lead a better life during the winter. Hence, be careful while choosing bed linen in winter. Here are some choices outlined for your needs that you can pick from. From Dohars and quilts to the finest comforters, there are plenty of choices available. Make sure that you pick the right products that fit your criteria in terms of comfort, material, quality, and hygiene. Keep these principles in mind while buying bedsheets.

Winter Bedding Staple #1 - Dohars

Out of the many things that can be used to build bedding sets, a Dohar is an integral part of so many Indian households. They are not only very comfortable but also a very essential need, especially during the changing weather. However, as we have mentioned above, it is not just about the needs anymore - it is also about putting together a bed coupled with a Dohar blanket that looks aesthetically pleasing and guarantees plush comfort. The market has been expanding, and you would now find a variety of Dohars online with stunning patterns and colours that you can choose from. 

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If you go out to buy new Dohars without understanding them fully, you will definitely get confused amidst the myriad of options available for you to make your pick from. Now if you are someone who has been confused about your Dohar details, you have perhaps come to the right place. Understanding what is a Dohar or what it does could be a tough nut to crack. 

If you have not had any luck thus far grabbing the whole concept of what is Dohar used for, you need not fear because we've gone into great detail in this post to explain what Dohar means, and how they differ from contemporaries like a comforter, quilt or the likes, along with other types of bedding you can use to cosy up in at night.

What do we mean by Dohars?

Before moving ahead to finding out how to buy the perfect Dohars online & offline, let us first answer an even more important question creeping up in your mind - what is Dohar?

Dohars, also referred to as a Dohar blanket or an Indian comforter, are thinly woven bedding components. Two or more cotton sheets are stitched together to create a thicker, padded blanket. Dohars for summer use thinner cotton or muslin cloth. To give even more warmth, some Dohars may also have a thin layer of cotton flannel fabric put between them. Now, what is Flannel? Flannel is a thinly woven fabric and is very soft to the touch. Due to its warm nature, it is often put inside a Dohar which you can use to tuck yourself in while sleeping during chilly seasons. But because it is a very thin layer, it is usually better suited when added with another layer of cloth to prevent it from tearing down easily and to add that extra layer of heat. You can get a single or double bed dohar when you shop online. Our recommendation is to buy double bed dohars online for home needs, and get single bed dohars for guests or travelling purposes. 

What is Dohar used for?

If you are weighing your options about what to buy next to cover yourself while sleeping, you might have already started considering buying Dohars online by now. Dohars are typically used as an essential bedding element, often spread over a bed sheet as a decorative piece, or used as a cover to simply tuck oneself in when the weather gets a tad bit chilly to the liking. Even though Dohars have been a typical summer element in Indian households, you can very comfortably use a Dohar for summer practically during any season - during the rainy seasons, during autumn and also in spring. It also makes for a great winter blanket in tropical areas, or as a layer between your bedsheet and quilt in colder areas.

A Dohar blanket is a perfect choice for the transitioning weather. When the weather starts to change, and it is neither very cold to use a thicker blanket, nor too hot either when you will need to crank up the air conditioning, consider throwing in a Dohar - you will have a snug & warm sleeping experience. Since it is made up of cotton, it won’t heat up too much either and provide just enough comfort to let you sleep peacefully. 

Are you still trying to weigh out the reason for choosing Dohar? Choose Dohars for these simple reasons - they are soft, comfortable and do not require too much maintenance. 

Types of Dohars You Can Find in the Market 

Dohars are usually more or less the same, but you may find some slight differences between a few of them in the market. 

  • Most of the Dohars have a third layer of flannel sewn between 2 layers of cotton fabric for some added warmth whereas some won’t have the additional third layer.
  • You may also find some Dohars that are made up of mulmul - these are extra soft.
  • The market also offers Dohars made of micro polyester - These are comparatively lighter in weight than the ones made of pure cotton. It is a more suitable choice for summers if you do not wish to turn the AC on or if you just do not prefer a very insulated sheet to use. 
  • Another variety of Dohars includes the ones crafted with a layer of micro-polyester and a layer of flannel with no third layer in it. They are again very light in weight, provide just a bit of warmth and make a great choice for hot nights. 

Now, which one to pick? It is all about what you prefer and depending on your need you can make your pick. Consider the weather conditions and your air conditioning temperature preferences before jumping in on buying Dohars online. But generally, using an organic cotton dohar is a great idea for the long–term, as it can be cared for with ease and the fabric blooms after every wash, making the dohar softer with age. 

How to choose the best Dohar for your needs

Before you go on a shopping spree for your bedding, you would have already understood that Dohars come in a lot of different types and even with different names. There is however no need to get overwhelmed because we are here to make it easier for you. 

First of all, you can find Dohars for both single and double beds. So depending on your need and the number of people who are going to use it, you can make your pick. A double bed Dohar means that it is large enough for a double bed or two people to share together. But allow us to let you in on a little secret - the bigger the Dohar, the more comfortable it is. Yes, we wholeheartedly believe that when it comes to Dohars, the bigger the better. So even if it is just one person who is going to use it, you can still opt to buy a double bed Dohar. The reason you ask? Well, it gives you more space to stretch yourself and you can still remain perfectly tucked in without having to worry about your legs or hands coming out of it.

Now coming to the fabric, you now already know the different fabrics that you possibly find a Dohar made up of. Now here we will discuss the use of each fabric in more detail.

To begin with, no matter what kind of Dohar you pick, all of them work quite well between AC temperatures of 19 to 26-degree Celsius. If you are someone who feels cold a lot, go for the ones made from pure cotton sheets or the ones made from mulmul fabric. These Dohars are soft and breathable but at the same time a bit heavier in weight and provide more heat, thus making your bedtime cosy.

However, if you are someone who wants something very light to tuck yourself in then a micro-polyester or cotton Dohars without flannel may be more suitable for you. These are very lightweight, and airy and do not insulate as the ones made up of mulmul or cotton. Hence make a perfect choice for days which are too hot or worse if your AC is not working. 

How much maintenance does a Dohar require?

Dohars are not a very high-maintenance item. You can simply just throw your Dohar in your washing machine with the rest of your bed sheets and it will come out clean. Just remember to always put it on the gentle cycle or the flannel inside can get damaged. The cotton Dohars absorb more water, so they might take slightly longer to dry and can also get very heavy once it soaks up the water. But the ones made of micro-polyester are super light, dry up real quick and also do not get too heavy once you soak them in the water. 

Winter Bedding Staple #2 - Quilts

What is a quilt?

A quilt, like a Dohar, is also a multi-layers top sheet and is also mostly three-layered. It has a back layer that is used as the foundation, then a front layer where mostly all the patchwork and the designs and the patterns go. And the third layer, the centre layer is the filling which is also known as batting. Quilts are usually mostly filled with cotton and then stitched with patterns to keep them distributed evenly. They can however also be filled with down feathers or wool depending upon the manufacturer. 

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They are usually thick and come with a lot of patterns and designs put on the front layer giving it that cosy look. You might have also heard of people making quilts on their own by adding different layers and patterns to layers of fabric. So if you are not a fan of adding heavy weight on you while you sleep, a Dohar may be the most suitable choice for you during the cooler temperatures.

What is the Difference between a Dohar and a Quilt

Even though similar in some aspects, Dohars and quilts are two very different types of top sheets used and the key difference between Dohar and quilt is:

  • Before anything else, a Dohar is the most suitable for summers, springs and autumn. But as the weather starts changing and it gets colder, just using a Dohar won’t suffice. A quilt on the other hand is suitable for colder weather, but might not be just enough for very cold temperatures either. Especially for Indian summers, a quilt may be way too insulated and won’t work unless, of course, you decide to sleep with your AC on or depending upon your body heat, you can of course always switch.
  • When it comes to the Dohar vs. quilt debate, a Dohar could be a very thin top layer added to your bedding and is made up of cotton. Whereas a quilt, on other hand, can be made up of several materials and has a lot of patchwork on the front and sometimes even on the back layer.
  • A Dohar may or may not have a middle layer but if there is one it is just a thin layer of flannel also known as falalen which is stitched between the front and the back layer of the Dohar. A quilt, on the contrary, is filled with either cotton or a light layer of synthetic fibers, which are then stitched in patterns to keep them evenly distributed.
  • When it comes to the design, again a quilt and a Dohar differs. The design on almost every Dohar on the front and the back is always the same because they are stitched with two sheets of the same cotton fabric. However, a quilt on the other hand mostly has a different design on the front and the back. The back layer usually is the foundation which is a plain cloth layer with no designs and just a solid colour and all the designs and patterns on the front. Now that is a different thing that many sellers and manufacturers have started offering quilts with designs on either side to make them reversible and even longer-lasting.
  • As both of them have layers, they can be a popular choice for people who prefer to sleep with multiple layers. However a Dohar is lighter in weight than a quilt so if you are one of those people who does not mind a little bit of weight on them while sleeping, a quilt is a better choice or vice versa.

Winter Bedding Staple #3 - Comforter

What is a comforter?

Just like Dohars or quilts, comforters also usually have three layers to them - the front, the back and the filling inside. However, that is the only thing they have in common. 

A comforter is usually a kind of top layer that is filled with down feathers, cotton padding or synthetic fibres keeping it lightweight but adding that fluffiness to it. They are cosy and fluffy and add the same cosiness to the look of your bedroom as well. If you are someone who likes to stay warm but does not like a heavy weight on you, a comforter may be a good choice for you because not only is it extremely good at insulation, but the down feathers or the padding used to fill it up keep it very lightweight too.  They are a very good choice for winter, especially for someone who is just looking for a warm blanket. You will understand that better down further. 

What is the difference between a Dohar and Comforter?

Dohar is mostly used in the Indian subcontinent and hence can be said they are just a distant Indian cousin of a western comforter - You will rarely find a Dohar in a western household because of the different climatic conditions. Dohars and comforters are two very similar, yet wildly different types of bedding. Although they are both used as the top layer and to tuck yourself in the bed, the timings for the use of both of them vary a lot. Some of the major difference between comforter and Dohar can be:

  • A comforter is a kind of top layer with a very lofty look and can be said to be closer to a quilt, whereas a Dohar is just two layers of cotton stitched together and has a very sleek look to it.
  • A comforter is always filled with either synthetic fibres or cotton pading to add that extra insulation and fluffiness, whereas a Dohar would always just have a layer of cloth in between. However, that is also not a compulsion - it may or may not be there.
  • A comforter as a top layer on the bed adds some extra cosiness to the room, making it look more comfortable, whereas a Dohar as the top layer makes it look sleek.
  • Comforters can be used all year round depending upon the place you live and the temperatures you are sleeping at. If the temperature in which you sleep is very high, or the weather is hot, a comforter is not the right choice as it would just add more heat to your body. On the other hand, Dohars are the best partner for your summer nights. They are thin, and because they are made of cotton they are also breathable and keep you cool. The Dohars however cannot be used during colder weather because it is too thin and won’t give that needed heat. 
  • When it comes to the maintenance of these two items, a Dohar is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to put it to launder with the rest of your bedding and voila! You are done. Whereas, a comforter comes with a lot of instructions and depending upon those sets of instructions you will have to launder it accordingly. Also, remember different comforters come with different instructions so always remember to check that.
  • Since it is high maintenance, a comforter is more prone to collecting dust and would require cleaning every month. Because it might not always be feasible to clean the giant bag of fluff at home, you may have to spend those extra bucks on getting it dry cleaned as well. A Dohar on the other hand can be washed anytime and would save you money on getting it cleaned from somewhere else.
  • Now when it comes to space a Dohar is very sleek and would take up a very less amount of space if you decide to put it away or if you are travelling. A comforter, even though light, is very fluffy and occupies a lot of space when you put it away or choose to travel. So for your storage and travelling needs, a comforter might not be a very suitable option for you.
  • You can easily find a good quality Dohar at exceptionally affordable rates. However, when it comes to comforters, the price tends to lean towards the expensive side - especially the ones with down feathers come at a higher price.

The only similarity between a Dohar and a comforter is that you can use them both straight out of the packaging.

The Big Debate: Dohar vs. Quilt vs. Comforter

First of let us tell you that there are a lot of similarities between a Dohar, a comforter and a quilt when it comes to their usage. The only few differences when it comes to Dohar vs. quilt vs. comforter are the look and make of each of them. Some of the key points to bring about the comforter vs. quilt vs. Dohar debate could be the following:

  • A comforter, quilt & some Dohars all have a filling inside them. Depending upon the manufacturers, comforters & quills can both come with a filling of down feathers or synthetic fibres, while Dohars come with an extra cloth layer. 
  • When it comes to looks, a comforter and quilt are always loftier and have a fluffiness to them. Whereas a Dohar is thin and can spread flat on the bed mattress.
  • A comforter is very lightweight because of the synthetic fibre filling. So even though it looks more baggy and fluffy it is still light. A Dohar, with or without a flannel layer, is always lightweight. A quilt, on the other hand, might look light and sleek, but it can still have some weight to it because of its filling. It would essentially feel heavier if it has cotton filled in it. So when you tuck yourself under a comforter or Dohar you would not feel much weight, but a quilt would feel like a little weight over you. 
  • If you are travelling or decide to store your bedding, a comforter or quilt will occupy a lot of space because of its baggy size. It would also not be feasible to carry a comforter or quilt if you decide to travel because it would take up a lot of space. A Dohar on the other hand is very sleek and can easily fit into smaller spaces making it a more suitable companion for travel.
  • As already mentioned above, comforters and quilts are high maintenance and might require extra care to clean. Dohars on the other hand, are easily washable and can be washed with the rest of your laundry. However, be mindful that some quilts and comforters may come with a different set of instructions so be mindful to follow that. 
  • A comforter or quilt, however, would almost always require extra care and you would very likely have to get it cleaned by someone else, costing you extra money. Even if it does not, you might still prefer to get it done from a launderer or dry cleaner because it would be too baggy to be cleaned at home. 

Where can you find the best winter bed linen?

Since everything has now started coming online, there are also multiple places to buy your comforters, quilts or Dohars online as well. But when it comes to curating amazing Dohars, brands like SPACES and others ensure that you get the best of everything. There are numerous online Dohars made of the best quality fabrics not just to let you sleep comfortably, but also to add that fine layer of luxury to your bedspread. These brands are dedicated to bringing to you the best quality of everything for your bed, starting right from the mattresses

We all know maintaining a bedroom for the winter is not just about comfort and necessity anymore. As much as we like to decorate it according to our taste and make it actually feel like our own, it is also because we wish to style it the best we can without burning a hole in our pockets. Many brands thus strive to manufacture the best quality bedding at the most affordable prices. You can find a Dohar online that is not only just about the finest quality or pocket friendly, but also something that suits universal tastes. Are you not sure what exactly you want? Browse through the selection of comforters, reversible quilts and Dohars online on the SPACES website, and you will definitely find something to your liking. Made from the finest quality fabrics, the winter blankets available here are lightweight and breathable, and shall be the perfect piece to throw on for your nights, giving you the feeling of a cosy hug from a loved one. 

Do not forget to check out an extensive online collection of home decor and bedspreads at the official websites of these brands, in order to find the perfect choice for your house. You will get something or the other that complements your preferences. Top brands understand how important it is to have a space that is not just about luxury and beauty, but also a space that feels like a corner that is full of vibrancy, warmth and comfort. There is no denying that decorating a house is a lot more than just putting together expensive items - it is about designing a space according to your dynamic needs and especially to please the eyes. They also understand that the idea of beauty can be different for everyone. Hence, they bring together a wide variety of Dohars, comforters and quilts, specially crafted to make your space look aesthetically outstanding and to provide the optimum comfort.

Some Takeaway Points

Now that you have read all about the use of Dohar, or the difference between a comforter and a quilt, it is time for you to grab one for yourself. We all know how important buying your bedding is and how complicated a task it can be to find the right one - especially when it comes to choosing between a quilt vs comforter vs. Dohar. 

Just like the needs of every person aren’t the same, the exact kind of bedspread cannot be a suitable option for every person's needs. So if you are looking to buy the right Dohars online, a comforter, or a quilt, find the ones that suit your needs online. Because even though you know the technicalities now, you may still want something that is a blend of warmth, comfort and good looks. Finding a blanket with the right material like organic cotton or others is important to secure a cosy, breathable and restful sleep after all. 

Check out brands like SPACES which offer the finest Dohars in myriad shapes, sizes, types, and materials. Browse through their collections and pick out the one that speaks to your comfort and aesthetic preferences alike. Buying a Dohar, comforter or quilt for the winter should be an enjoyable experience above all else! 

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