5 Tips to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover in the New Year

5 Tips to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover in the New Year

It’s the season to be jolly and to look forward to new beginnings. As the year draws to a close, you want to makeover your bedroom but are short of ideas. Here’s one: start with the bed.

#1 Get new bedsheets

The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, and it is sacrilege to have old, worn-out bedsheets on the bed. The bedsheets must be of the most premium quality, with a high thread count, attractive colour and pattern, a super soft feel and added protection in the form of an anti-viral or air-purifying finish (Spaces has these variants and more). Designer bedsheets, whether in a double or single form, are the best since they give the bed and the bedroom an instant facelift. You can buy double bedsheets for your own bed and single bedsheets for children’s beds. Make sure you pick fresh colours and patterns of the season, and buy at least two to three new sheets per bed in the house.

#2 Some contrasting cushion covers would be nice

Cushion covers are often part of the bedsheet set you buy. However, some premium bed linen brands like Spaces offer separate cushion cover sets, too. These are standalone sets that you can use as a pleasing contrast with the bedding you already have. They can go with plain or printed sheets, depending on what you buy.

#3 Cosy new comforters or dohars are great

Continuing with our bedroom makeover for the New Year, let’s get on with buying new comforters or dohars for every bed in the home. Whether you buy a double comforter for yourself and your partner or go with two singles for each, is a matter of preference. Whatever the size of comforter or dohar you buy, you should ensure you get it from a reliable brand like Spaces, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and air-purifying variants, too. Like with bedsheets, you can choose the freshest colours and patterns of the season. You could even chance upon bedding sets that feature bedsheet, cushion covers, and matching comforter.

#4 Finish with a duvet cover

The bed makeover for the New Year is complete when you add a duvet cover to the bed. Duvet covers are placed over the mattress and even the pillows to protect the bedding. They are useful if your bedroom is prone to attracting dust, pollen and pollutants through various sources. They are especially handy for those who wish to keep their bedding clean for longer.

#5 Add bedside runners to the mix

Traditionally, we like to have rugs and carpets in the living room of the house, where they may be displayed prominently. They cover a substantial area of the floor and become an instant talking point. But if you wish to give your bedroom a New Year makeover, we suggest investing in the best bedside runners. These are small area rugs that are placed along the length of the bed on either side. They increase the style quotient of the room, and they perform the function of keeping the patch of floor on which they stand warmer – this helps on cold winter mornings when you don’t want to wake up and put your feet on a stone-cold floor.

There you have it – our 5 tips to give your bedroom a makeover for the New Year. You can now turn your attention to the rest of the space by adding new curtains, wall art, indoor potted plants, and new lighting arrangements (such as a string of fairy lights). Oh, and a Happy New Year to you!

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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